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hundreds injured in taiwan water park blast

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-31
An explosion and fire at a concert in Taiwan\'s water park injured more than 500 people.
When the explosion and subsequent fire occurred, the colored powder sprayed near the music stage was ignited and turned into a fireball that swept 1,000-strong crowd.
Footage from the scene showed that the stage was on fire and the crowd ran away, some of them wearing only swimsuits.
Among the injured, more than 80 people are said to have been seriously injured.
It is reported that more than 40% of the bodies of some victims have been burned.
Inflatable rubber boats are used to take casualties away from the site or to serve as temporary beds for the treatment of injured persons.
A spokesman for the fire department in Xinbei city said: \"Our initial understanding is the explosion and fire. . .
It\'s caused by powder spray.
This may be due to the fact that the lights on the stage are too hot.
Officials said the fire at Formosa Mosa water park outside Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, was quickly controlled.
A witness told the local news channel CTI: \"start from the left side of the stage.
\"I thought it was part of the party special effects at first, but then I realized there was a problem and people started screaming and running.
Zhu Liwen, mayor of Xinbei City, said: \"We are sad and sorry about the accident.
\"Additional medical staff were also requested to help with the treatment of the victims.
\"I have ordered the park to be closed immediately and under strict investigation,\" he added . \".
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