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hundreds injured in taiwan water park blast \'hell\'

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-03
Taipei (AFP)-
Witnesses said the scene of Taiwan\'s water park was \"hell\", and on Sunday, a fire exploded in a crowd and authorities placed the injured in nearly 500 people. More than 200 of them were seriously injured.
Scary amateur video clips show that on Saturday night at the \"color party\", groups of young revelers dance in front of the stage, cheering, and clouds of green and yellow powder cover them.
But when the powder burst into flames, devouring attendees in hell, screaming to escape, their joy turned into fear.
Some people only wear swimsuits, and images from the scene show that many people with severe burns are taken care of by those who escaped.
On Sunday morning, the number of injuries caused by the explosion rose sharply as officials began tracking victims who were taken to hospital or transported there by others.
A slightly injured male student described the scene as \"hell \".
\"There is blood everywhere, including in the pool, and a lot of injured people are soaking to relieve the pain,\" he told reporters . \".
His girlfriend, who was visibly trembling, added: \"I see a lot of people whose skin is gone.
\"Ambulances have been trying to get to the scene, and when friends desperately want to get them out, the victim was taken away by rubber bands and inflatable boats.
Onlookers poured a few bottles of water on the burnt skin of the injured.
Leave the bloody footprints of the stage.
According to officials, about 1,000 spectators participated in the Asian color competition at the Formosa Mosha Coast water park outside the capital Taipei.
A male witness told the local news channel CTI: \"It starts on the left side of the stage.
I thought it was part of the party special effects at first, but then I realized there was a problem and people started screaming and running.
\"The public health department said that 498 people were injured and corrected the previous figures because some of the wounded were calculated twice when they were transferred between hospitals.
Officials say 202 of the injured were seriously injured.
The critically wounded are being treated in intensive care units in 37 different hospitals.
\"The reason why the burn is so serious is that in addition to the skin burn, there is also a large amount of toner inhalation of Burns caused to the respiratory organs, Li-
Deputy director Zhong xintaipei city government health bureau told AFP.
\"For those who are seriously injured, the next 24 hours will be crucial.
Taiwan\'s Ministry of Health and Welfare said: \"several major hospitals in Taiwan have been asked to donate skin grafting and surgical equipment to help treat the wounded. -Young victims -
When a father told how his daughter was under intensive care for three degrees of burns, he collapsed.
She is attending a concert. . .
Why is there an explosion?
He cried.
\"Her body has burned 80%,\" he told reporters . \".
The unnamed man slammed the authorities for saying they had not contacted him and offered no help.
The water park issued a statement on Sunday, saying it was \"deeply saddened\" and would cooperate with the ongoing investigation.
General Manager Chen Wei
Ying told reporters that all the people who attended the party were insured, but did not say what the amount of insurance was.
Throw the colored corn starch over. . .
\"We have never heard of such an activity as dangerous,\" she said . \"
The details of the victim\'s age have not yet been announced, \"but all of them look very young, in their 20 s or even younger,\" Health Bureau Lee said \".
The city government said 13 of the injured were foreigners.
\"Our initial understanding was the explosion and the fire. . .
It\'s caused by powder spray.
This may be due to the fact that the lights on the stage are too hot, \"said a spokesman for the new North City Fire Department.
Vice fire chief Chen Zhong
Yue said Sunday that the explosion could have been caused by \"sparks from machines or lighting equipment.
Activity manager Lu Zhong and other 5 people-
Chi was detained by police.
A police spokesman said prosecutors were questioning them on suspicion of endangering public safety and dereliction of duty, causing serious injuries.
Lou and hardware technician named Chiu Po-
China\'s state news agency reported that Ming was released on bail and banned from leaving China.
In the past two years, the Asian color show has held other \"color parties\" in Taiwan \".
Taiwan Prime Minister Mao Zedong-
Guo, who visited the injured on Sunday, ordered a ban on all such activities unless their safety was guaranteed.
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