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idf lone soldiers celebrate at largest ever \'fun day\' at shefayim water park

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-01
More than 5,500 IDF \"lone soldiers\" gathered at Israel\'s largest water park outside Tel Aviv to participate in the \"fun day\" hosted by IDF friends \"(FIDF)
Cooperation with IDF and Yachad le \'maan Ha\' chayal (
Israeli soldiers Welfare Association and LIBI Fund).
This is the biggest \"fun day\" for lonely soldiers ever \".
IDF Lone Soldiers are soldiers in Israel who do not have immediate family members, or Israelis who do not have any contact with their parents.
Today, some 6,400 soldiers from 80 countries served in the IDF.
About 880 are Americans, 530 are Russians, 520 are Ukrainians, and 460 are French.
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