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indiana party rental - water fun for summer events

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-27
Remember when you were a child, did your parents have a sprinkler in the hot summer?
Not only cool and refreshing. . .
But you had a good time with your friends. Well. . . .
Since the days of the backyard sprinkler, we have gone a long way.
One of our most popular products right now is the inflatable water slide.
The water slide has various shapes and sizes.
In every conceivable theme, there are slides with swimming pools, slides without swimming pools, inflatable slides and slides, slides with sprinklers and slides.
Are they just for the kids? Nope. . . .
They are of no age.
They are loved by all ages.
When we first bought the inflatable slide, we sent it to a friend\'s house for trial run.
Their kids are a little smaller than our kids and we like to have them think with our updated device.
We found out after their party that while the children had a good time, the parents who really liked the equipment.
Obviously, a slide is a great pleasure for parents who have been busy for the day.
Where can these units be used?
Any place with electricity and water supply.
Most devices have a constant fog at any time, so they need to be within 50\' of the water connection, of course, because they are inflated by a blower, you also need a power supply within 50.
The water slide is not just for backyard parties.
They are increasingly used for company picnics, summer camps and special events.
So if you want to add a \"splash\" to a hot summer party \". . . .
Smooth water!
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