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Indoor Obstacle Course

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-17
The indoor obstacle course provides you with an opportunity to play with your child.
Making it with domestic items is an interesting activity in itself.
You just bought an apartment or moved into a new neighborhood.
What was the first thing you did?
Of course, you will have a weekend party for your neighbors to get to know them.
Also, you want to throw away the packaging material.
But why not have indoor obstacle classes for kids instead of throwing away everything?
In this activity, children must overcome a series of interesting challenges in order to achieve their goals.
They won until the end of the game.
This fun event will ensure an interesting weekend party for adults and children.
You can use packing materials and anything extra in the basement.
With your own obstacle classes, your child doesn\'t have to wait for the summer to enjoy at the summer camp.
But always remember that you are designed for kids, so be sure to be safe first.
Factors such as available space, number of children and their age should be considered before designing the course.
The game should be fun enough for the kids to play until the last challenge.
Let\'s meet every challenge in this activity as a \"station.
\\ \"Several possible stations that may be included are tunnels, crawls, jumps, hula hoops, swivel chairs, balance and throwing stations. .
This can be rope.
Place a few chairs (two columns) about 4 feet apart so that the rope can be tied to each other.
Let the children climb down the rope from one end and out from the other.
Tie the ropes so they can crawl in twists and turns.
Once the kids get out of the crawl, they can compete with the indoor inflatable castle (you may need to rent one ).
Let them jump at least ten times and go to the next stop.
You will get a lot of praise.
Children can jump to the next stop in sacks. .
Inflate a few balloons and let the children ceiling.
People who have played three times can go to the next stop.
Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to throw balloons, so make the next stop easier. .
Note that the inside of the tunnel is a bit dark, so it becomes exciting to show up from the tunnel.
The children like hula hoop very much. hula-
Make it more interesting.
Rotate the hula hoop five times around the waist and go to the next stop.
After all these sports, the children will be very hungry.
You can keep some healthy snacks there. hand-
, Let them throw a few baseball balls at some targets (hang candy in different places ).
If the target is hit, they can keep the candy and go to the next stop.
Can be enforced.
This will add to the fun of the whole course.
Take a few skateboards.
Let the children slide from place to place. .
It sounds a bit unusual in obstacle classes, but it\'s all about playing with the kids, right?
Write down some clues (on chits) and hide them in different locations of the house.
Put some toys in those places.
Children must find toys and overcome obstacles.
Or tongue twister
This will be a great way to end fun activities (the answer to the puzzle can also be a lesson ).
Not only is it a weekend party, it could be an alternative idea where you can arrange birthday parties and many other occasions.
Plan every year before your child is too old.
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