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indoor playgrounds for kids in miami, florida

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-19
Located in the east of the Florida Everglades, close to the Atlantic Ocean, Miami City is a coastal destination for people looking for sunshine and sandy beaches.
The city manages more than 100 parks, many with outdoor playgrounds and other activities.
Families looking for climate in the Miami area-
As an alternative to outdoor play, the controlled indoor playground can run one of four destinations on a regular basis.
Swing, spin and bounce in the GO section of the game-In Miami (play-inmiami. com).
Physical exercise is the focus of the GO section, including 50-
Foot zip line, rope climbing structure, 9-
Foot climbing and twisting. A two-
In the GO area, the rubber floor mats in inches fall to the ground, and the bamboo loft has two platforms.
For a quiet game, visit the feel area, which emphasizes the calm and relaxation of dim lights and translucent ball pits.
The third place to play-
At the creation center, guests can explore their creativity through art projects using a variety of media, including paint, crayons, glue and paper. Play-
Miami is located east of Interstate 95, at the intersection of 2nd Avenue northwest and 25 Street Northwest.
Cool for parents and kidsde-Sac (cool-de-sac. com)
There are 7 children\'s play areas and a bistro for parents to enjoy healthy food, such as tuna Taipi, Caprese salad and spinach chicken pizza.
For the youngest guests of Coolpadde-
Age in the designated Sac area-
Proper toys and smaller climbing structures.
Budding artists may travel to the art scene, while future architects and engineers may visit the block area with ramps and custom tables.
Other areas to play include a computer area, a multi-storey rock climbing playground, a salon, lighting space with illuminated floors, and exploration areas with magnetic towers and gears.
From two cool options-de-
Sac location in the Miami area: a South Miami in Sunset Square, a dorar in the western suburbs.
Shopping mall Aventura (aventuramall. com)
In the northeast of Miami, the Rainbow Valley playground combines contemporary art with children\'s games.
Rainbow Valley is designed by local artists through Arts berry for art projects, offering game structures for shopping center visitors with magical themes.
Bright mountains and clouds welcome children to run and climb mountains after shopping with their families.
There is a seating area around the playground for parents to use for small visitors and can only be accessed through rainbow arch.
Socks must be worn because shoes are not allowed and children must not be more than 42 inch tall to play in Rainbow Valley.
Happy Playz has an indoor playground and a coffee shop/café (happyplayz. com)
Try to please children seeking climate and their parents or caregivers
Control the place to play.
Game spaces designed for children under 2 years of age have mirrors and slow slopes and platforms.
There are three separate spaces for children aged 2 to 6
The story game structure for climbing and crawling, and the place to pretend to be a doctor, chef or scientist.
Also provides a reading corner for those who need some quiet time.
Parents can use free wireless Internet access to order espresso or sandwiches when children play.
Special events at Happy Playz include birthday parties, playing with older brothers and sisters, and nights when parents go out.
Michelle Hornaday lives in Edmonds, Washington, with a bachelor\'s degree in English and literature from Washington State University and a master\'s degree in education from the University of Northern Arizona.
She is currently a freelance writer for various websites.
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