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indoor water parks

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-15
The water park is the perfect place for every family member to have fun and relax.
Dad can splash a little water around, then listen to music, read the newspaper while sitting down to relax;
Mom can put on sunscreen and sunbathe while Grandma will look at them all for every trip the kids want to go there.
It will be a very lovely pastime in the summer, but what happens when it\'s too cold to stay outside and play pool games?
The answer is simple: go to the indoor water park!
The indoor water parks first appeared in Canada, about 1985, and since then their popularity has greatly increased, first in the United States and then in Europe.
World Water Park Canada (
As it is called)
It is built in a large shopping center in Edmonton, and it is very fast.
This is because Edmonton has many rainy days every year, and it is far from any beach: 1500 km in the Pacific Ocean and 1400 km in Hudson Bay (
Not that there are many beach-like places in Hudson Bay).
So it\'s a good idea to have an indoor water park in Edmonton, people start coming, come, come. . .
They still do so now.
People like the water slide inside.
They have a very interesting lazy river\"
Subway slides, body slides, 3 family rides and everything else are made up of a good indoor water park.
When it comes to a good indoor water park, what I want to say is that there are some requirements for such a place to meet the standard: a good place must have at least two tube slides, two body slides, one river (be it slow-
Torrent of flow or \"anger)
A child plays with everything they need.
Sand, buckets, fountains, etc)
A wave pool and other features.
Today, you can find dozens or even hundreds of very good indoor water parks in Europe.
For example, in Stralsund, Germany, you will find one of the most beautiful water parks: the hansedom water park.
Not just indoors.
In addition, it also includes outdoor parks and gardens, which makes it very attractive to tourists from mainland Europe.
In addition to the requirements I mentioned in the last paragraph, Hansedom water park has more features like massage lounge, fitness club, sports club, sauna and more.
In Germany, this kind of park is called \"free park\", which means \"Leisure Park \".
Other very interesting water parks can be found in France, Spain and Austria, but we will leave the story to another time.
Believe me, there\'s nothing better than spending a day or two in the \"free park.
It\'s a shame we can\'t go there every weekend, but hey-that\'s life.
But if you decide to go to a park like this with your family, remember to pay close attention to your children because sometimes these slides and rivers can be dangerous.
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