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inflatable castle bouncer safety guide

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-25
There are a lot of things we have to consider when buying or renting inflatable castles.
Prices are usually the most important determinant we consider, and this is where many of us go wrong.
Although price is a determinant, the first thing we should consider for our children is safety.
Inflatable Castle bouncers can have fun for kids-
However, one of them may be injured when we do not enforce the necessary security rules.
We provide a list of safety guidelines to follow when buying or renting any type of inflatable bounce house.
When we follow these steps, we will greatly reduce the chances of any child being injured and create a safe environment for them.
Whether you\'re renting or buying these inflatable bouncers, you\'ll have to know how it\'s set up.
You should check your work and other people\'s work on a regular basis to make sure the work is going on properly.
The first thing you need to do is place a waterproof cloth under the bouncer or barrier passage.
You need to make sure it is the length and width of the castle.
While these are all designed with puncture-proof materials, there are still things that could damage it.
Tarp is used to prevent this from happening.
Secure the Castle bodyguard to the ground using any anchor belt, stake or weight.
This prevents it from shaking and turning over.
When you inflate it, you and an assistant need to take a walk around the entire length of it looking for any cracks, tears, or areas where it may drooping.
If you see any deflations immediately, make sure to replace them using the warranty.
If you are renting a company that delivers and builds a castle, you need to leave the necessary safety instructions.
During use, in order for the children to stay safe while playing in the bounce house, you need to follow the necessary safety guidelines.
You need to make sure it doesn\'t leak and only the right number of kids are using it at a time.
Every 20 minutes you will need to check the continuous blower and bounce room to make sure it is working properly and there is no leakage.
In no case will you allow children below or above age requirements to enter the bounce house.
Please refer to the manufacturer for the age or weight limit of the particular bounce house you are using.
You will never exceed the maximum number of children who can play in the bounce house once.
To prevent accidents, only children of the same age and age are allowed to play together on them.
When there is rain, snow or strong wind, you must take the child away and deflate the bodyguard immediately.
Any injured child shall be taken to hospital immediately.
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