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Inflatable Event Tents for Different Events

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-27
For companies, universities, clubs or associations that need tents or fences, there is no better choice than inflatable structures.There is no better inflatable tent system than the products provided by X-Gloo.The X-Gloo system design with portability and ease of setupup in mind.
Unlike vintage inflatable toys, X-Gloo models are stylish and modern.This is achieved through the materials and design principles used in paragliding and kite boarding.The use of this material means that more space can be covered with less volume and weight.
One of the benefits of using inflatable active tents is the impact.The high-The dome structure is quick and eye-catching, so it is ideal for any large indoor or outdoor party to attract visitors.The trade-Set up hard before-Remove these structures.
Used inflatable materials heavy duty polyethylene materials that require a lot of transport and installation planningup.The design and materials used in these systems also require the side support to be bulky and take up valuable space.In addition, in order to achieve the stiffness needed to keep these old structures standing, a powerful blower is required to inflate the structure.
This makes them less than ideal in many activities.The X-Gloo systems solve these problems by using superior design and materials.Take inspiration from the light but rigid sails used in paragliding and kite boarding, X-Gloo significantly reduces the size of the bracket, but maintains the strength and stiffness required to provide a stable structure.
The interior of the four angle brackets is made of highly flexible TPU tubing, which provides a powerful rigid support system when inflated.Further stabilize the tube with polyester cloth.Another result of this design and material use is that the structural members are much smaller than other inflatable movable tents.
This means significant weight loss.
The typical X-The inflatable weight of Gloo is about 20 kg, and even the maximum 6 m × 6 m tent is only 28 kg.This light weight makes the system easy to transport and reach the collection-up location.This makes it ideal for promotions in places that are often far away from the unloading area, such as at the beach, park or stadium.
Visibility and brand influence is X-Compared to other tents and enclosures, Gloo inflatable toys are superior.The shape allows full 360 degree visibility of any signage or artwork to enhance branding and messaging.The materials used on the tent provide a wonderful canvas for vivid color printing.
Almost any design can be incorporated into X-Gloo enclosure.X-The Gloo event tent also has an interchange side circumference.This allows for the integration of different brands and information for different event types.
The X-Gloo inflatable event tent is a real innovation.Look at this X.Gloo video to see how easy it is to transport and set upThis closed system.X-Gloo tents are also modular, so they can be adapted to any space with almost unlimited combinations.
To put it simply, XGloo is the premier inflatable event tent on the market today
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