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inflatable mattress review: intex raised downy queen airbed

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-23
For convenience and comfort, Intex raises the soft Queen size mattress with built-in-
Electric pump is one of the most popular and affordable queen beds.
This mattress has many competitive features of the more expensive inflatable mattress, beating them in terms of price and comfort. With its built-
At the amazing height of the electric pump (
22 inch from floor)
Obviously why it has more than 500 reviews and 4 reviews
Amazon star!
Customers use this mattress as a permanent bed, guest room bed, and even use this mattress when camping, enjoying the comfort and convenience brought by this quality Queen air mattress.
The price range of this air bed is very reasonable, attracting a wide range of consumers.
The air bed DimensionsHeight has become the focus of many people looking for the perfect air bed.
Many people have physical conditions such as knee and back problems, which makes it impossible for them to bend to an air mattress below the ground.
The Downy rack raised by Intex is 22 inch off the ground.
This feature makes it easy for us to get up from the bed.
Overall, this is a real queen size air mattress with a height of 22 inch and a width of 60 inch and a length of 80 inch.
These sizes are perfect for Queen size bedding.
Inflatable mattress structure this Intex queen bed comes with a double airbag structure that provides extra firmness and support while sleeping.
These airbags act in the same way as traditional mattresses and box springs, with the upper part acting as a mattress and the lower part acting as a box spring.
In fact, the mattress is made up of 15 spec vinyl beams on the top and 16 spec beams on the side and bottom to be strong and strong.
It is easy to clean vinyl with simple soap and aqueous solution.
The top of the air bed is covered with quality tested waterproof artificial silk
Flocked materials
This material provides plush comfort that is not available in other air beds using vinyl top surfaces.
Finally, there are dents on the side of the bed, helping to catch the fitted queen bed.
There are not many air mattresses that provide this function!
Inflatable/deflated portable inflatable mattress
In the 120 v ac electric air pump embedded in the mattress, it provides a way to easily inflate and deflate the mattress within 5 minutes.
The control is located on the head of the bed.
Once you inflate the mattress, there is a storage area where wires can be placed.
Customer reviews clearly indicate how easy it is to activate this self
Inflatable mattress.
Rotate the dial clockwise with a simple turn to inflate or reverse inflate
Cool clockwise, built-in activity-in motor pump.
Now, you don\'t have to worry about where the pump is misplaced, and you don\'t have to worry about dragging it out every time you need to add a little bit of air to the air mattress to stay firm.
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