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inflatable palm trees

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-24
Inflatable palm trees are the theme and background decoration of the garden party.
They are as fun as balloons because they can be fixed on the ground and add joy and beach --
I like the atmosphere of decoration.
They may be exactly what you need for a tropical garden party this season!
Blow up and you have a palm tree decoration in a realistic backyard.
For themed garden parties or pool cocktails.
They can be seen even in the artificial wave pools of the theme park.
They added a beach here.
I like the atmosphere and the mood of vacation.
When fully inflated, the inflatable palm trees are 6 feet to 35 feet high and can be compressed to 1 cubic foot for storage.
They are usually made of nylon, plastic or rubber.
Some heavy-
Lights and fans installed inside, most of them are equipped with brackets and stakes to make sure they are in place.
Most manufacturers sell their products using user manualsby-
Step notes on setting up inflatable palm trees.
Inflatable trees are not only used to add background decoration.
A company produces inflatable palms that can be used as refrigerators.
This natural refrigerator will bring a unique charm to your garden party, keeping your snacks and snacks cold.
Inflatable palms with cooler can be placed on the table top or outdoors.
The realistic palm cooler adds a tropical flavor to the beach party, while the desktop cooler can be used for Oriental decor in the dining room or bedroom.
These coolers usually have a base that can be filled with water, ice and drinks.
Inflatable palm trees with lighting accessories can make lighting exotic.
Lawn of nylon Pooltoy giant inflatable palm trees.
For example, com is equipped with metal supports with stakes and tether, electric blower and 78-
Inch power cord and bulb.
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