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by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-25
In the past, the category of \"inflatable toys\" only included beach balls and pool floats, but today it contains a wide variety of toys, which are more difficult than ever.
There is no doubt that you have seen childrenand adults! )
Play in the bounce house and have a good time.
The floors and walls are soft and it doesn\'t hurt to fall.
Children today often need extra encouragement to make the body part of their lives, so inflatable toys are also good in this regard.
There are great indoor inflatable jumper toys right now, perfect for entertaining toddlers on rainy afternoons. Round \"jump-o-
\"Lenes for Playroom\" for less than $100 will accommodate two young children.
There are some smaller inflatable toy bounce houses and inflatable toys that can install slides indoors.
But for larger children or more, the inflatable toy that is big enough is too big to fit indoors.
However, inflatable toys in the backyard can be more complicated.
If you want to buy the model used by the rental company, inflatable toys can cost thousands of dollars.
But most of them are in the range of $200 to $500 and work properly for ordinary families.
The castle inflatable bounce house is swiped by Bounceland for about $250 and covers an area of 9\' x 12 \'.
\"It has a soft play area surrounded by the net and an outlet slide.
It received good reviews on the toy review website. On the high-
The end of the inflatable children\'s toy is KidWise\'s children\'s club inflatable bounce house.
It costs about $650, \"16 feet square meters.
Up to 400 lbs.
As long as each child weighs under 100.
It has two external slides and an internal slide and several crawls
Features of passing and obstacle courses.
Today, inflatable jumper toys are very popular, and there are many designs in the backyard or playroom of an ordinary family.
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