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inflatable water sides - rent or buy?

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-20
If you want to find a great way to cool down this summer, then water entertainment is always a good option.
You can install a swimming pool or rent or buy an inflatable water slide.
Of course, the latter option is much cheaper than installing the pool, and the advantage is that it can be stored in every season and will not disturb your backyard in the cold months.
Inflatable water slides are made of soft materials, such as vinyl inflated with air on the blower (
Usually included).
All you need to do is water from the nearby garden hose and a flat piece of land where you and the kids can slide and have fun in about 20 minutes.
They are also a good choice for young children as they don\'t have anything hard or stiff to hurt themselves like a permanent water slide.
Do you buy one or rent one?
Obviously, it depends on whether you plan to use an inflatable water slide or two on special occasions, such as a birthday party, or if you have a large group of children and think you will have some seasonal fun from it.
If you\'re only going to use it a few times, it\'s cheaper to rent a slide than to buy one directly.
Small inflatable water slides and large water slides range from $300 depending on size and style.
If you are going to buy one, but for a large multi-purpose water park slide, you may see a small slide of about $200, all the way to $1,000.
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