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inflation, and we mean that in a good way

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-29
Dexter Ford Juni 11,2010 motorcycle race is not for the faint heart-
Or fragile collarbone.
Highly tuned and manual
The motorcycle made in the top race, called MotoGP, has an engine of more than 200 hp.
The maximum speed of these machines is only 340 pounds, more than 210. p. h.
This combination can cause serious damage to the motorcyclist.
But, from improved track design to better riding gear, advances in safety have left no casualties in motorcycle racing.
Of course, someone was injured;
Current motorcycle world champion Valentino Rossi recently broke his calf in a crash while practicing for his hometown Grand Prix in mujello, Italy, ending his hopes of adding another champion this year.
It didn\'t help to prevent Rossi\'s leg injury, but now the airbag technology is finally in the motorcycle race.
Dainese and Alpinestars, racing-
Italian-based gear manufacturers have been testing their inflatable suits with professional riders, including Rossi before the crash and will soon sell them to the public.
Dainese says D-will be provided-
By the end of this year, the air racing suit, Alpinestars, will be filmed on June 2011.
Why did advertising take so long because air bags were everywhere in cars for years?
Most racing accidents end separately from the rider and the motorcycle and roll over the track with energy-
Absorb gravel traps or enter a special inflatable air fence.
Therefore, a valid set must be installed on the rider, not the motorcycle.
When the rider hits the track, it has to buffer the initial blow, and unlike the airbag that deflates in milliseconds, it has to continue to provide protection when the rider bounces back to the stop
Sometimes more than five seconds.
According to the advertisement of Silvano Celi, D-Dainese racing safety director
Three gyro, three accelerometer, a small GPS system and a computer-driven air racing suit-
All of these are located in the aerodynamic hump on the upper back of today\'s racing leather.
If the computer feels that cyclists and bikes are breaking up,
Helium pressure capsule (Dainese)or nitrogen (Alpinestars)
Inflatable looks like a small life jacket inside the stretch-able area of the upper back, upper chest, shoulder and neck of the suit. The D-
The suit is fully inflated in 20 milliseconds, remains fully inflated in 5 seconds, and gradually deflates in the next 20 seconds.
The two suits are designed to minimize upper body injuries such as clavicle fractures, shoulder injuries, upper chest injuries and neck injuries.
\"The driver is our best tester . \"Celi said.
\"A racing driver crashes on average 20 times a season in practice, testing, qualifying and racing.
This adds a lot of very good data.
We know how hard they work, where they are, and how much they are injured. That database. Mr.
Celi estimates that the company has detailed electronic documents for more than 700 car accidents --
Help Dainese improve the protection of riding equipment.
Not all projects are like D-Air suits;
Some are as small as gloves, with the aim of preventing the rider\'s fingers from being dislocated, a common racing injury.
How about riding gear for the built in streetin air bags?
Because there were many different accidents in the street riding. notably head-on or side-
Almost never had a collision on the track.
This may be a harder puzzle to crack out of concerns about responsibility, but both Alpinestars and Dainese have said that these lawsuits will one day enter the public path.
A version of this article was printed on page AU1 of The New York edition on June 13, 2010 with the title: inflation, which we mean well.
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