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Internet celebrity trampoline sticking to walls - bringing you a different childhood color


Hot Selling Carnival Games Inflatable Sticky Wall 

With Air Blower Including 2 Sticky clothing


Games Inflatable Sticky Wall

Pasting, repeatedly pasting, especially repeatedly pasting and copying, is one of the favorite things children enjoy doing during their growth process; Children build a deep understanding of a new thing by constantly pasting, repeating something, completing a work, and so on. 


The Role of Cover in Live CS Activities


Inflatable adhesive wall gameplay

"Who can be clever?" Whether it's children or adults, they repeatedly do what they like and over time become proficient. When you become proficient, you will find that a once seemingly difficult thing has been conquered and overcome by you, leading to new inventions and creative ideas. Nowadays, the popular trampoline wall stickers are the new products, inventions, and creative ideas developed by trampoline masters in the process of practice.


Two players put on specially made Velcro clothes and jump on the trampoline to their heart's content. Finally, they jump onto the Velcro wall on the side to see who has the funniest and most amusing posture!

Why is trampoline sticking to walls so popular?

The trampoline adhesive wall is not limited by age.

As long as you want to jump, you can enjoy the pleasure of jumping and sticking on the trampoline and wall.

Trampoline adhesive wall is a weight loss tool.

Passionate Kalilo, giving you a healthy physique

Sticking walls on a trampoline is the lowest cost option to attract children.

Bouncing is a natural instinct of children, and trampoline sticking to walls is an advanced evolution of trampoline. It integrates elements of entertainment, fun, and competitiveness. By using only one adhesive wall and a set of Velcro clothes that can be attached to the wall, a trampoline sticking bed that allows you to jump and run freely can be played on. The small footprint, simple equipment installation, and colorful clothing and walls are very attractive And its rich gameplay is the most fascinating.


 Various shapes of inflatable pasting wall


When players wear magic clothes or Spider Man style adhesive clothing, regardless of the black, white, red, green, blue, and purple patterns on the clothes, as well as the length and style, as long as you can jump, as long as you wear Velcro clothes, you only need to learn to use the perfect combination of the elasticity of the trampoline and the adhesive force of the Velcro to stick to the magic wall, Completing the experience of hovering from level to air successfully, you have succeeded! Do you want to go to the trampoline and stick to the wall to experience this kind of experience?

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