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iran water parks making a splash, but modestly

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-03
As young people and boys run on the hot concrete and line up to bask in the sun, the cry of prayer rings on the speakers --
Faded water slide, a new method of heating in the stove
Like the summer of Iran
Popular water parks in North America have already opened in the Islamic Republic.
Although single
Sexual restrictions
Their popularity has soared.
The park has brought gratifying comfort to young people who have been through the hottest Iranian summer for nearly half a month. century.
For a long time, Iranians have complained about the lack of recreational opportunities and the emergence of water parks --
Including a large, open
Air facilities operated by the municipal government-
This shows that government officials and private sector investors are now seeing opportunities to provide new ways of entertainment for citizens.
The dusty azadgen public water park in the southeast corner of the capital is surrounded by farmland and huge tombs, which contain the founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah rukhoa homini.
The most recent afternoon, 12-year-year-
Old Ali oliazad splashed water on the man with satisfaction --
The river became more clear as temperatures climbed more than 38 degrees Celsius again.
In the summer afternoon of the average working day, the park only set aside a few hours for men, attracting about 2,000 young people.
Park operators say extra time is set aside for more and more women who are arriving more and more. The female-
Only in this way can participants bypass the restrictions, otherwise Iranian women are required to cover their heads and bodies in public.
Admission fee is 40,000 rials (about $1. 65)
Travel to the water park is affordable for most Iranians, but as prices rise and incomes stagnate, many families have less chance of having fun.
Oliazadeh said: \"I came every week last year, but now the tickets are much more expensive. this is my first time to come here this year . \" His family lives nearby.
Mashhad, the most sacred city in Iran and the preferred destination for religious tourists, already has three water parks.
This winter, the southern city of Ahvaz has opened a factory, and another plant will open in the northern city of daguri in the coming weeks.
Another project will be built in the suburbs of the holy city of Kum, and organizers say it will be the largest project in the Middle East.
Massoud Shad and Saeed Ahmadi are high school students who have recently lost their jobs.
They often go to the water park.
\"Now we have nothing else to do,\" Shad said . \"
Like most single Iranians, both live with their parents, and with inflation and unemployment soaring, the park offers an alternative to aimlessness.
When Shad and Ahmadi enjoyed their day at Azadegan, they all said they preferred a more expensive, privately operated water park called the Pars Aqua Village.
But the tickets can\'t be paid.
\"The facilities there are much better,\" said Ahmadi . \".
\"But it\'s better than sitting at home.
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