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it\'s a jungle gym: auckland\'s best playgrounds

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-19
When it comes to the playground, the children have strong opinions.
Find a good one and the whole family can be occupied for a few hours.
There are many plans for modern playground design.
Of course, they must be creative and challenging.
Other issues considered by Parliament include vandalism and parental comfort.
The good playground provides an independent area for young and older children, and the most popular playground becomes a destination for parents to travel long distances.
It is also important for some people to have a nice cafe nearby.
Over the weekend, four of Auckland\'s parliaments asked them to list the finalists for the best playground. Our testers -
Maia Brown, 9, and Milo Brown, 7
Tried all 18 during the week of the holiday and was rated top 10. 1.
According to our test panel, Barry Curtis wetland playground, opposite the junction of Barry Rd and Stancombe Rd: 5 out of 5 is Barry Curtis wetland playground in Flatbush.
The park itself is large in the area of bio Crane, brand-
The new theme playground won the New Zealand landscape architects Association Gold Medal for its design.
Not kids care about awards.
Initially, Maia and Milo were drawn from the car to play on the Space Network, which is not unusual in itself.
But what really caught their imagination was the honey I let the kids shrink.
Sculpture elements of the size, including the huge pukeko, the metal linen stems that make a series of sounds as they turn, and the simple but clever puddle decking, filled with water on wet days,
The most impressive thing is the feeding of two birds, with an amazing 3 m from the ground and access through a ladder, where children can measure the surrounding area with binoculars.
In addition, the manucau City Council has just built what is known as New Zealand\'s most ambitious skate park in Barry Curtis.
There is the first cradle in New Zealand, a combined bowl and a modern skateboard square. 2.
New Lynn Wolverton Road Olympic Park playground.
Rating: 1/2 out of 5 if mom chooses, this former landfill is likely to be rated as Auckland\'s best playground.
In the back block of Avendale, the Olympic Park is very large.
The real lottery card here is double space-
Auckland\'s biggest playground is the antidote for those who think it has become too safe.
Another unique feature of this playground is the beach play area for toddlers.
Electric barbecues make Olympic Park a good place for picnics. 3.
Rocket Park, 751 New North Road.
Rating: 1/2 out of 5 This is a family favorite for a long time-
In fact, my mother played here when she was a child.
Today, the towering rockets are simply decorated.
One of the best features of the current playground is a junior Castle, although its goal is
Student, is a real hit for kids I love role playing.
Other modern equipment includes a climbing device and several rotators.
It is unusual that the rocket Park includes several adult sports stations, so that mom and dad (or the kids)
Anything can be done, from cycling to triceps down, rather than sitting nearby.
My children like these machines more than the children\'s equipment and they compete to see who can sit the most
Ups at that station4.
Owairaka Park 56-
No. 60 Owairaka Avenue, Mount Albert.
Rating: 4 out of 5 of the newest playgrounds in Auckland City are always packed with children and adults.
We have found this playground, which has an excellent flying fox, a hexagonal climbing wall \"module\", a double scale swing, around the island (
One of the few modern we found)
And rotating device.
The playground is well integrated with other features provided for older children and adults, including two half-basketball courts, a volleyball court and a primary bike lane with a bumpy pace.
On the day of review, a group of 20 men were playing volleyball and dozens of teenagers were in the skate park.
Two hours later, the volleyball player was still there when we passed. 5.
Snake and ladder 38R Bramley Dr in farm Bay.
Rating: as my child found out, 4 out of 5 photos could be deceptive.
When we drove over, they said, \"it\'s stupid . \".
But after an hour they were reluctant to leave and had to return to the car.
This playground is right next door to the Pakuranga sailing club and is a huge snake and ladder game located on the hillside.
The mother or one of the children spin the dice at the bottom and the children advance on the numbered wooden stepping stone.
If they land on a ladder, they will climb up, if it is a snake (a wiggly slide)
They slipped again. 6.
Clyde Road Brown Bay
Rating: 4 of the 5 North Shore residents voted for their favorite playground in 2005.
The center features a huge wooden boat with a huge slide and many climbing features.
The wobbly bridge is especially popular with children.
There\'s another 6 on the playground-
The swing dance and the super star spinner are always used by a group of children.
There are cafes, fish and chips shops and skate parks near the playground, which is a good place for an afternoon. 7.
No. 670, Mai nukao Road, Epsom.
Rating: 4 of the 5 best flying foxes in Auckland are in a mountain area.
But according to my child, the most striking feature is the small train trackalong train.
This playground is a mix of old equipment and some new features, including Roctopus swings that have four children sitting on rubber tires spinning, and rope climbing structures that we haven\'t encountered anywhere else
Like some of the other playgrounds we visited, this playground provides free swings for children in wheelchairs. 8.
Winnini Park, 56 Greenstone Church Road.
Rating: last year, 1/2 out of 5 were first reminded to come to this playground thanks to a letter to the editor asking the Council to build more.
My child agrees.
On a hot day, the water game feature is a firm favorite and great.
There is a real old tractor to play with, a big wide slide and an old onestyle maypole.
Children are also fascinated by the herbs planted around the game equipment.
Unfortunately, in order to prevent football players from washing their boots in the winter, the water has been shut down --
The pump was destroyed. 9.
Tortura Park amusement park, manuareva Verrell Road.
Rating: 3 out of 5 in 216ha Park-Totara park playground is a clear destination for a day out
Like a jungle walk.
It has two playgrounds.
The new building near the parking lot reflects a traditional Kiwi backyard tree house.
Walking along the bush track for five minutes is another bigger playground.
Totala Park is a tourist destination with a free outdoor pool. It is open from November and can ride mountain bikes or horse riding lines. 10.
Kennedy Park, 137 Beach Road, castors Bay.
Rated: 3 out of 5, I \"found\" this new playground while running and got the kids back there the next day.
Kennedy Park built its first space station on the north shore.
In the old World War II, a small climbing wall was built.
The added benefit for the children is the regular visit to Mr hubby.
Dr. Henderson Lake Panorama is also worth mentioning.
The best duck pool in Auckland.
Mission Highland mission Highland Playground on Jeffers Road.
Fox, Roctopus, etc.
Hatterfield playground, Huntsville Avenue.
Colorful climbing
On taniwha, it is very popular with children.
Belmont Northborough Park Lao Street.
The newest playground on the north shore is the space station, the swing and the flying fox.
Piha domain name playground, 21 Piha Seaview Road.
Big new playground.
48-Mission Bay Playground
Dr. Yumu of Mission Bay.
New playground with good beach and water sports.
At the Ti Pai playground at Te Pai Pl in Lincoln.
Unique rope climbing structure.
A domain of Northcote Silwan Avenue.
FAST slides, bike trails and duck pools.
* Finally, if you are looking for a variety of things on the playground, check out your local school.
These devices are usually different from those in public parks.
Did we miss your favorite?
Tell us about its email life @ nzherald. co.
New Zealand, we will be at the top playground for printing readers in the upcoming issue.
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