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jaldhara water park: water park near kankaria lake to close | ahmedabad news - times of india

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-02
Ahmadinejad: the only water park in the city center, the Jaldhara Water Park near Lake Kankaria, will be out of operation soon.
In the city of AhmadinejadAMC)
It has been decided not to extend the lease granted to superstar Entertainment Limited, which operates a water park in the Maninagar area.
On Monday, the civic group issued the statement in a court such as Gujarat high and plans to create an attractive center for international standards.
However, AMC has yet to decide what will replace the water park on this land near the city\'s largest entertainment destination.
An AMC official told TOI that it had decided not to renew the lease for the company and that civic groups would invite interested people to develop the place in the near future.
The civic group clarified its decision in response to the superstar\'s petition filed at HC, as part of AMC delayed the renewal.
In 1998, AMC granted the company a 15-year lease for the construction and operation of the water park.
Badruddin Shaikh, AMC\'s former opposition leader, submitted a PIL at HC, asking it to limit the extension of the lease by civic groups.
He argued that the lease was approved in favor of the company on 1998, but AMC miscalculated the deadline of 2002 when the park was open.
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