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jnf to construct israel\'s biggest indoor playground in sderot

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-19
It\'s hard for Sderot\'s parents to get their kids out on a great day.
The football field is no longer the home of the latter.
On the streets of the city, school games and laughter, crying, screaming or any other common childhood noise are suppressed.
As rockets fired from Gaza continue to attack residents, especially 3,000 children in the town, the life of Sderot is at a standstill and they are forced to stay indoors all day, instead of risking not being able to reach the bomb shelter fast enough in a rocket attack.
In order to make the children of Sderot play more freely, the Jewish National Fund (JNF)
A large project was launched: building the largest indoor playground in Israel.
Stanley M, president of JNF, said: \"Sderot has been under siege for seven years . \"Chesley.
\"We can\'t stop the rockets from falling, but we can give these kids a chance to get rid of the anxiety and fear that they are forced to live.
Plaza 21,000
A $5 million indoor playground will be located in a safe industrial zone providing recreational and exercise facilities for children aged 16 and under, including jungle gym equipment, football field, volleyball court, rock climbing wall, snack area, gift shop, movie and TV area, disco, swing, Carouselgo-Round, and more.
The facility will carry out security inspections under the supervision of Israeli army engineers, and the IDF\'s Ministry of Education will provide the following services
School counseling services.
There will also be three treatment rooms to help children who have suffered trauma.
A recent study shows that at least 75% of children aged 4 to 18 with Sderot suffer from
Traumatic stress including sleep disorders and severe anxiety.
Approximately 120 children are currently receiving long-term treatment
Mental health treatment.
\"These children are scared every day, every hour,\" said Dinah Houri, school teacher at Sderot . \".
\"No matter where they go, no matter what they do, they have to think about what they will do if the alarm rings.
The question is always \"where do I hide ? \"
Chelsey explained the fear.
\"From the time the siren sounded and instructed the rocket to enter, the residents of Sderot had only 15 seconds to go to the bomb shelter;
If you\'re a little kid, playing outside with friends, or riding a bike around, or really doing anything the kids do, so they don\'t do anything, he says.
\"Not only do we want to give them a place to go, but we want to give them some pride.
With this facility they will be able to say to their friends in the rest of the country, \'See what I have.
It will be an honor.
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