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july 4th targeted for park opening : wild rivers makes first splash as guests test swirling waters

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-03
John Dagli waved his arm, smiled playfully, jumped on the inner tube and pushed into the rapids, spinning at 6,000 gallons per minute.
At this rate, in a shallow wading pool, there is only a few seconds to reverse and lower the water slide by 450 feet.
Within a minute, 19-year-old Dagliyear-
The electrician at the old Villa Park climbed 58 feet stairs for another ride on the Congo River Rapids.
Builders of wild rivers, a new amusement park scheduled to open this week in Irving, hope the Rapids tour will be the most exciting attraction in the park. \"It\'s great.
\"This is the best trip here,\" Dagli said . \".
\"Very exciting.
Dagli, who is responsible for the construction of new water --
Starting on last December, theme park is one of about 1,000 special guests testing the water slide on Sunday.
He could not resist the attractive water slide.
\"After studying for such a long time, it is good to be the first to ride a bicycle,\" he said . \".
The Wild River was built on part of the Lion Country, a wildlife park closed in late 1984.
Four slides and a drifting River through the new park still have to be last checked, and if no obstacles are found, wild rivers may open in time for the weekend of July 4, said owner Phil Derney.
\"We are using it today to test the system and everything has been fine so far,\" he said . \".
\"We hope to have it ready in time next weekend and I think it will be ready.
\"Derney leads the American sports world company, which consists of 35 investors.
And splash company
The operator had hoped to open the park earlier, but Irvine
The owner of the land operated by the lion country insisted on additional insurance.
General Manager Greg Briggs said that with the resolution of the issue last week, the plan on Sunday gave invited guests the opportunity to unveil the Park informally.
Guests include family and friends of investors and hundreds of workers who helped build $6million park.
There are seven water slides in the park.
The Congo River Rapids is the longest water slide and the most popular Sunday.
People get up almost as fast as they do 450. foot ride down.
It is to simulate an actual (swirling)
Said Briggs.
Most water slides have African names, such as the Cobra, the Nairobi Express and the Mumbai blasting division.
The reason is that operators want to \"keep the look of Africa\", Lion Country--
Once known as the Lion Country Wildlife Park-
Until it\'s closed, says Briggs.
The Mumbai burst machine is the fastest slide.
It\'s like getting hit by a cannon at about 40 metres. p. h.
The cyclists quickly reached a pond 7 feet deep.
The Nairobi Express provides a very dark five for the rider.
The second ride of 30 metresp. h.
Through a tube, he was quickly thrown into a pond.
Although most water slides are fast, they are considered very safe, says Briggs. Two-
For protection, the soft foam covers the pipes and slides.
\"We also have a complete
Time water safety advisor for staff, \"said Briggs.
However, all the large water slides are reproduced in another part of the park for children to use.
While the children\'s water slides are in the same shape as those of older children and adults, they are smaller and slowly move to the shallow pond where lifeguards stand and watch.
Other small ponds offer toddlers a chance to hang out on plastic inflatable animal floats.
All 7,000 season tickets provided by the park have been sold, and he expects 3,000 to 5,000 people to visit the water slide every day, Briggs said.
The park will be open until October.
Starting next year, starting from the middle of the year.
May be until October.
Wild Rivers are the second open theme facility in the county this summer.
Earlier this month, Medieval Times began operating at Buena Park.
Dinner and drinks were served to customers during the Middle Ages, and an 11-day tournament show was presentedCentury Knight
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