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kansas politician\'s son, 10, dies on \'world\'s largest\' water slide

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-18
The son of a Kansas politician died on a water slide known as the world\'s largest.
The 10-year-old Caleb Schwab was killed in the Schlitterbahn Water Park, about 15 miles west of Kansas City, Missouri.
His father, Scott Schwab, is a Republican member of the Kansas House from Olathe.
He has four sons with his wife Michelle.
The family issued a statement revealing that Caleb had died and asked for privacy when they were sad.
\"Since the day he was born, he has brought rich joy to our family and to all the people he touches,\" the statement said . \".
Winter Prosapio, spokesman for Schlitterbahn, said the child died at Verruckt, one of the park\'s main attractions, a 168-foot-
There are 264 stairs leading to the high water slide on the top.
The name of the slide indicates \"crazy\" in German \".
Prosapio said the park was closed after Sunday\'s incident and will remain closed on Monday, before the investigation. MS.
\"We really don\'t know what\'s going on,\" she said . \". \"That\'s why . . .
A comprehensive investigation is necessary.
We must understand what happened.
\"At this difficult time, our thoughts and prayers are with our family,\" Prosapio MS . \" He added that the boy\'s family was in the park with him.
The park\'s rides are inspected every day, she said, and are checked by \"external parties\" before each season starts.
Police initially said the victim was 12 years old, but Clint schplatg, a family spokesman, said Caleb was 10 years old.
Verruckt is certified by Guinness World Records as the world\'s tallest water slide.
Verruckt riders slide in multiple slides
According to the website of the park, the person raft must be 54 inch high in the end.
Although the operator did not provide the reason for the delay, the 2014 opening of the slide was delayed several times.
Two media preview days on 2014 were canceled as there was a problem with the conveyor system, shipping the 100lb raft to the top of the slide.
The Prosapio MS said in 2014 that no matter how long it will take to ensure the safety of the slide, park officials will not hesitate to postpone operations again.
Schlitterbahn co-2014
Owner Jeff Henry told USA Today that he and senior designer John Sculley had already calculated according to their calculations when designing the slide on the roller coaster, but that didn\'t translate well
In the early tests, the raft with sandbags flew off the slide, prompting engineers to remove half of the trip and reconfigure some angles for $1 million (£765,000)Mr. Henry said.
Promotional videos about making slides include footage of two men riding a raft in half a month.
Size test model, it flies slightly in the air when it climbs up the top of the first mountain.
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