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kansas water park where boy died appears unlikely to open

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-14
FILE -In this Oct.
2018, file photo, the staff removed the Verruckt waterslide at Schlitterbahn Water Park, Kansas.
Kansas water park 10-year-
Caleb Schwab was beheaded less than a month before the Memorial Day weekend, did not hire lifeguards, did not advertise or sell tickets.
Schlitterbahn was silent on his plans, but largely deleted references on its website about Kansas City, Kansas park.
Schwab was killed on a raft in 2016.
Verkt kt slide landed in the air and hit a metal rod. (
AP Photo/Charlie Riddle, File)Roast chicken breast. (AP)--
A water park in Kansasyear-
The old boy beheaded did not hire lifeguards, advertise or sell tickets less than a month before the Memorial Day weekend, highlighting speculation that it might
Schlitterbahn was silent on his plan, but deleted the reference on its website about Kansas City Park, Kansas, and on 2016, Caleb Schwab was killed while riding a raft on board the 17 th.
Verkt kt slide landed in the air and hit a metal rod. Verruckt —
German is \"crazy \"-
Never reopened and demolished last year.
For months, Schlitterbahn has season tickets for sale in four parts of Texas, but not in Kansas park.
\"Schlitterbahn did not tell us about their plans, but we assume they will not open this summer,\" said spokesman Mike Taylor . \".
\"We hope that Schlitterbahn will acquire new ownership and brand and will open next summer.
\"Speculation about a potential sale was driven by the mortgage lender EPR Properties, which announced last week that Schlitterbahn is expected to pay off about $0. 19 billion in loans for the property soon.
EPR chief executive Gary Silvers told analysts on a conference call that,
Quarterly earnings from Schlitterbahn\'s partnership with an undisclosed third company
Lender of one party to the transaction.
Winter Prosapio, spokesman for Schlitterbahn, declined to comment on the future of Kansas park, including whether it would be open.
\"Schlitterbahn is a private holding company and does not comment on the financial situation,\" she said in an email . \".
\"Our Texas Park started strongly in the 2019 season, but we don\'t have any news to share now about KC properties.
\"The EPR stated in a previous submission to the Securities and Exchange Commission that it agreed to advance Schlitterbahn\'s additional amount under the mortgage.
The document states that during the special days of election officials and their families, the low season shortage caused by Caleb\'s death and the cost of legal issues.
Caleb\'s father, Scott Schwab, was a state councillor and was elected secretary of state of Kansas last year.
At his urging, lawmakers voted to strengthen the state\'s relatively relaxed regulation of amusement park rides.
Caleb\'s family received nearly $20 million in settlement, and two women who were seriously injured while riding with him settled in undisclosed amounts.
Prosecutors also filed criminal charges against Schlitterbahn co-
Jeff Henry, the Park operations manager and designer of two maintenance workers Verruckt, claimed that poor planning and maintenance resulted in Caleb\'s death.
However, the maintenance worker was acquitted on October, and on January, a judge dismissed the charges against the other three with inappropriate evidence.
One problem is that the grand jurors saw footage of the building recording Verruckt from the TV show on the Travel Channel, in which Henry and others highlighted the second 50-foot (15. 24-meter)hump.
Defense counsel argued that the video did not show how the process actually worked and that the prosecutor did not properly explain to the jury that it was a dramatic process.
The video shows the ship flying above the water in a way similar to Caleb\'s death.
In a neighboring Kansas county, allegations of drug possession and sex with employees are also under trial.
Taylor, a huaiandot county official, said the biggest problem is that there is an abandoned water park in a bustling tourist area, including the Kansas track, the Kansas City sports stadium and the busy shopping area.
\"From the perspective of the coalition government, we want to see the park open in the future and become a viable tourist attraction.
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