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kids\' activities in fresno

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-03
The Fresno Conference and tourism bureau called Fresno the year of California\"
Round Playground.
\"The name is perfect for the city as it offers a wide variety of attractions and activities for the whole family.
People visiting Fresno with children will find amusement parks, water parks, sports teams and educational experiences to keep the children entertained. This kid-
The big amusement park is part of Rodin Park.
There is a fairy in every amusement park and attraction. Fairy tale or nurseryrhyme theme.
In the park, children can take the mini-railway, explore the shoes from the \"old woman who lives in the shoes\", take the mini-Ferris wheel, and explore the fairies --tale village.
Playland890 West Beaumont Avenue, rotating story Hall.
Fresno, CA 93728559-486-
2124 storylandplayland.
The family entertainment center in comblackbeard offers a wide range of children
Friendly activities.
An attractive stadium for sports and basketball. minded kids.
Others like arcades and mini golf courses.
Captain Rideland has carousel, Ferris wheel, roller coaster, balloon and other kids
Large amusement park rides.
Other attractions include paintball courts, bumper boats, and go-kart racing.
Blackbeard family entertainment center, North Chestnut Carla Fresno 4055, CA 93726559-292-
9000 blackbeardsfresno.
There are about 125 animals at Chaffee Zoo, including 18 Species Survival Plans-
Malaya Tiger, Malaya tap, Fennec fox, adda, etc.
Rainforest Tours and major attractions-a-
Boo zoo preview adds to the zoo experience by allowing children to get closer to animals, sometimes even touch them, and interact with zoo staff.
Thundersnow Xiafei Zoo894 W. Belmont Ave.
Fresno, CA 93728559-498-
5910 fresnochaffeezoo.
ComThe Island Water Park offers traditional water park attractions such as thrilling water slides, drifting rivers and wave pools, as well as fun park activities such as go-
Kart, mini golf and carousel.
Child\'s key, Largo--
Kids splash area in Park Center--
Entertain kids in shallow water with fountains and waterStructure.
6099 West Barstow Avenue Island Water Park.
Fresno, CA 93711559-277-
6800 islandwaterpark.
The Downing Planetarium, located at California State University Fresno, is open to the public on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons throughout the year.
At the planetarium, children and their parents can learn about outer space in the starry sky theater.
The theater is rotated from more than 25 shows and offers a different experience each visit.
On a clear Friday night, the staff allows guests to watch the stars through the powerful telescope of the planetarium.
Downing planet, 53, 20Maple Ave.
California State University, Fresno, California 93740559-278-4071downing-planetarium.
OrgIf you will travel to Fresno, the Fresno Grizzlies from April to September--a minor-league Triple-
San Francisco Giants affiliate-
Join the Pacific Coast League.
In addition to watching the game, children can play at Chuckchansi Park Fun Zone, which has interactive pitching and batting activities, obstacle classes, mazes, rocks
Wall climbing, inflatable structure and carousel.
Fresno Grizzlies baseball team 1800 Toure Street, chucah Park.
Fresno, CA 93721559-320-4487fresno. grizzlies. milb.
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