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kids\' outdoor playgrounds in riverside, ca

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-19
There are more than 50 public parks by the river.
Many parks in the city feature outdoor playgrounds, basketball courts, picnic areas, and other activities for children.
Convenient facilities. With mild year-
The Riverside Hotel has a wealth of weather and a powerful urban park system to enjoy outdoor fun with the children.
Fairmont Park, north of riverside city center, 278-
Acre park was built in 1911 by the same company in New York City Central Park.
The large outdoor playground was fully renovated in 2010 and designated as a playground that is generally open, meaning children of all ages and physical abilities can use it.
Ramp access for children with walkers and wheelchairs, as well as sensory walls and special paving textures for sight and hearing --
Children with disabilities.
The Riverside east side is the home of Bordwell Park, a 22-
There is an outdoor playground, a tennis court, a basketball court, and Akry Park with designated skateboarding facilities.
The outdoor playground provides equipment for older children and a smaller play space for toddlers.
The larger area has a climber with plastic walls and ledge, two slides and a set of swings.
The toddler area has a smaller plastic climber and safety swing that holds young children in place.
On the west side of the river, La Serra Park has two outdoor playgrounds, five softball courses, a multi-purpose venue and a covered picnic area.
The playground features plastic slides, foot-hanging bridges, monkey bars and crawling spaces.
The rubber bark floor will buffer any spills or drops during the game.
The fountain and common room are located in the center of the park and are only a short walk from the game area.
Arlington Heights is the southernmost district of Riverside.
This is the location of Arlington Heights Sports Park.
Acre park features walking trails, a sports ground, a stadium and a large outdoor playground.
The playground is designed with citrus theme to commemorate the heritage of Riverside as a major orange producer.
There is a booth to play lemonade, plastic climbers decorated with vintage citrus crate labels, and two swing areas.
In the summer months,
Pad water features come to life to cool tikes.
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