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KK Inflatable and the water sport products on the BOAO Forum For Asia


BOAO Forum For Asia is a communication platform for China and other Asia countries, which can help to increase 

the understanding of each other to seek for better developments. The opening ceremony of 2018 Boao in Asia 

was presided over by President xi jinping and delivered the opening speech. Asian capitals stayed in various star hotels in Boao. 

KK Inflatable is honored to provide all Boao hotels with advanced aquatic sports equipment for swimming pool amusement. 

In the future, KK Inflatable will strive to create its own brand quality products to serve customers.

A Cute Yellow Dark-6m 

An eye-catching inflatable big yellow duck is a large, yellow inflatable duck that attracts people's attention. 

It is usually designed with a cute or distinctive appearance and is placed in a prominent location to draw the gaze of onlookers. 

The inflatable big yellow duck can be used for promotional purposes, as a decoration, or to add a fun element to an event or location. 

Its size and bright color make it visually striking and memorable.

A bubble-themed water park features water-based attractions and activities with a bubble theme. 

It may have bubble-shaped slides, fountains, and pools, creating a fun and immersive experience. 

Visitors can enjoy splashing in the water, playing with bubbles, and having a great time in a safe and entertaining environment.

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