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lane county is a playground for park-lovers.

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Who can ask for more things when it comes to parks?
From the inland coast of central Oregon to the Willamette and McKenzie valleys
Near Eugene and Springfield.
Hundreds of parks provide scenic backgrounds for the Frisbee --
Toss, bike ride, swim, skate, picnic and all-around leisure.
Many non-urban parks are charged;
For example, parking fees are required per year-
Around all Lane County parks open from dawn to dusk.
But many parks do not charge, and some are charged only during the peak season of use, usually in May 1. 30.
Some parks accept Northwest Forest passes in lieu of seasonal fees and some offer venues-
A specific seasonal parking permit.
Here are the select parks on the edge and around Lane County: on the coast Ada: Highway 126 West to Florence, on Highway 101 (south)
To the Canary Road (
Opposite Honeyman);
Head to Ada, then to violin Creek Road.
Picnic, bathroom, ramp, water sports, fishing.
Lane County Park; (541)682-2000.
Waterfront State Park: Highway 101, 3 miles south of walderport.
Picnic, seasonal RV, tent and yurt camping (
Recommended booking)
Hiking, restrooms, beach access, hot shower.
Oregon State Park(800)551-6949, (800)452-
5687 booking.
Bend landing: located in the north-east of Florence, sisolo Hebei fork.
Tap water, restrooms, picnics, ramps, disabled access.
Lane County Park; (541)682-2000.
Bolong Island Road: Follow Highway 101, a mile north of Reedsport.
You can see the hiking trails of the Umqua River.
Fishing, hiking, views.
Oregon State Park(800)551-6949.
Camp Lane: travel to Florence on Highway 126, about 42 miles west of Eugene (
23 miles east of Florence). At milepost 23.
There are historical group camps for cabins, kitchens, accommodation, beach volleyball courts, multi-functional covered courses, amphitheater, football fields, softball courses, swimming pools, etc.
Lane County Park;
By booking only ,(541)935-3412. Carl G.
Washington: Route 101, 14 miles north of Florence (
Just north of Heta head). Year-
Camping and picnic in RV, tent and yurt. Six-
Travel to the mile loop path of the herkta Head Lighthouse. Open year-round.
Hot shower, fishing, hiking, beach access with cliff edge tide pool, restroom, wildlife viewing.
Oregon State Park(800)551-6949.
DARLINGTON: 101, 5 miles north of Florence. Botanical area.
Picnic, hiking, exhibitions, restrooms.
Oregon State Park(800)551-6949.
Driftwood Beach: Highway 101, 3 miles north of Waldport.
Picnic, hiking, beach, fishing, restroom.
Oregon State Park(800)551-6949.
Farnham Landing: From Highway 126 to Mapleton in the east, drive 2 miles on Highway 36.
Picnic, boat ramp, fishing, disabled access, restroom.
Lane County Park; (541)682-2000. Gov.
Paterson Memorial: Highway 101, 1 mile south of walderport, near the mouth of alsi Bay.
Picnic, fishing, hiking, beach access, restroom.
Oregon State Park(800)551-6949. Jessie M.
Honeymoon: Highway 101, 3 miles south of Florence, adjacent to the Oregon Dunes National entertainment district. Open year-
Picnic and camping in RV, tent and yurt (
Recommended booking for summer).
3 freshwater lakes, camp shops, nature center, conference hall, paddle boat, 500-foot-
High sand dunes and winter
Road vehicle passage from camp to Dune.
Hot shower, fishing, ramp, swimming, hiking, restroom. Day-use fee.
Oregon State Park(800)551-6949, (800)452-
5687 booking.
Port Vista: three miles north of Florence north of Pier Road North.
Picnic camping.
Access for the disabled. Coin-
Shower facilities, beach access, playground, fishing, hiking and restrooms are available. Year-round.
Lane County Park; (541)682-2000 or ecomm. lanecounty. org/parks.
View the webcam on www. lanecounty.
Hector Head Lighthouse: Highway 101, 13 miles north of Florence.
Historic Lighthouse Tour (seasonal)
Beaches, tidal pools, wildlife, picnics, fishing, hiking, views and restrooms. Day-use fee.
Oregon State Park(800)551-6949.
A few miles south to herkta Beach, near the driftwood Coast resort;
Lane County Park; (541)682-2000.
Linslaw: 126 half Highway
More than 21 miles-mile post.
Picnic, boat ramp, fishing, disabled access, restroom.
Lane County Park; (541)682-2000.
Melpton landing: National Highway 126 to melpton, the other half ~
The highway is 126 from the park.
Ramps, fishing, disabled access, restrooms.
Lane County Park; (541)682-2000.
Lake Mercer: Highway 126 to Florence, 5 north of Highway 101.
2 miles and 4 miles from Lake Mercer Road.
Water sports, fishing, toilets, ramps.
Lane County Park; (541)682-2000.
Munsel Lake Landing: Highway 126, 1 minute north through the North Fork Siuslaw River.
3 miles, turn left on Munsel Lake Road at the fork.
Water sports, fishing, toilets, ramps.
Lane County Park; (541)682-2000. Muriel O.
Ponsler Memorial: Highway 101, 16 miles north of Florence.
Picnic Area, fishing, beach access.
Oregon State Park(800)551-6949.
Neptune: Highway 101, 3 miles south of the yacht at the foot of Cape Plante.
Picnic, fishing, hiking, point of view, beach access, wildlife viewing.
Oregon State Park(800)551-6949.
Ona Beach: Highway 101, 8 miles south of Newport.
Boat Ramp in Beaver Creek.
Picnic, fishing, boat ramp, swimming, beach access, wildlife viewing, restroom.
Oregon State Park(800)551-6949.
Schindler landing: Highway 126 to malpleton, about 10 miles north on Highway 36.
Bathroom picnic boat ramp fishing.
Lane County Park; (541)682-2000.
Seal Rock: Highway 101, 10 miles south of Newport.
Large offshore rock formations, tidal pools, photography.
Bathroom, picnic, fishing, hiking, viewing points, beach access, exhibitions, wildlife viewing.
Oregon State Park(800)551-6949.
Tofu sand: National Highway 101, achac.
Historic trails, tidal pools, and annual smelting runs.
Fishing, hiking, beach access, restrooms.
Oregon State Park(800)551-6949.
Shitian Beach: Highway 101, 6 miles south of yacht city.
Fishing at the beach.
Oregon State Park(800)551-6949.
Tidal roadside: Highway 126 to malpleton, 4 miles north on Highway 36.
Bathroom picnic boat ramp fishing.
Lane County Park; (541)682-2000.
Lake triangle: from Eugene, 11 miles northwest of Highway 99, on Highway 36 (west)
21 miles towards Cheshire.
Access for the disabled.
Bathroom, picnic, ramp, water sports, fishing.
Lane County Park; (541)682-2000.
Umpkua Lighthouse: Six miles south of Reedsport at the port of Winchester, next to Highway 101.
Picnic, RV and tent camping.
Located near the National Entertainment District of Oregon Dunes and the Umqua River Lighthouse.
Access to freshwater lake is available at the lodge, luxury yurt, hot shower, restroom, picnic, fishing, ramps, hiking, viewing points, beach access. Open year-round.
Recommended booking for summer.
Oregon State Park(800)551-6949, (800)452-
5687 booking.
Umpqua State Scenic Corridor: Highway 38, 7 miles east of Reedsport along the Umpqua River.
Jump horse toilet, picnic, fishing, boat ramp.
Oregon State Park(800)551-6949.
West Lake: depart from Florence, travel 9 miles south on Highway 101, turn left at West Lake exit and follow the Signpost to Siltcoos.
Toilets, picnics, ramps, water sports, fishing, disabled access.
Lane County Park; (541)682-2000. W. B.
Nelson: Highway 34, a mile east of walderport along the alsey River.
Freshwater lake, a scenic wetland area.
Picnic, fishing, hiking, wildlife viewing.
Oregon State Park(800)551-6949.
National Natural Area: Highway 101, yacht; 1-
Yachats estuary mile ring. Tide pools; beach access.
Picnic in the bathroom.
Oregon State Park(800)551-6949.
Yacht national entertainment district: Yacht 101 at the yacht estuary.
Restroom, universal viewing platform overlooking the ocean and estuary, rock formations, beach access, swimming pool, fishing, picnic.
Oregon State Park(800)551-6949.
Next to oldwood state highway in the McKenzie/Willamette area: Highway 36, 15 miles southwest of the united city on the Long Tom River.
Bathroom, picnic, fishing, hiking.
Oregon State Park(800)551-6949.
Armitage: on the Mackenzie River five miles north of Eugene.
Open dawn to dusk.
Camp Opening Year-round.
Year parking feeround.
Camping, picnic, play area, ramp, tap water, power outlet, shelter, restroom.
Access for the disabled. Off-leash dog area.
Camping and group picnic reservations are available.
Lane County Park; (541)682-2000 or ecomm. lanecounty. org/parks.
Baker Bay: Lake dolenna is located near Grove Lodge. I-
Exit 5 to 174, No. 4, East River Road.
4 miles from government Road, 2.
8 miles from the park.
The park is open from dawn to dusk;
Open CampApril to mid-October.
Year parking feeround. Marina, on-
Coast berths, ramps, boats for rent, restrooms, shower facilities, garbage dumps, concession stations, camping, picnics.
Access for the disabled.
Group picnic and camp booking are available.
Lane County Park; (541)682-2000 or ecomm. lanecounty. org/parks.
Interstate 105 (east)
Exit 42 Springfield Street, left 42 Street, right Marco Road, right Camp Creek Road, 2.
Land nine miles on the mackinzi River.
Bathroom, ramp, fishing.
Lane County Park; (541)682-2000.
Ben and Kay Dorris: Highway 126, east of Eugene, between Vida and Nimrod along the mackinzi River.
Water sports, restrooms, picnics, ramps, fishing, hiking/walking trails.
Lane County Park; (541)682-2000.
Blue Mountains: I-
5 to 175 at the exit of the Grove Cottage, 0 at the left.
Travel 4 miles on Row River Road, on Thorton Road, and 7 miles on Mosby Creek Road.
Bathroom, picnic, fishing, hiking, walking trails.
Lane County Park; (541)682-2000. C. T.
Beach: Lake hillscreek.
From Oakridge, Highway 58 is 2 miles east, right on kesenquan Road (Forest Road 23)
3 miles from the picnic area on the right.
Picnic, boating and fishing. NWFP required.
Zhongfork forest area; (541)782-2283.
Cascadia: Highway 20, 14 miles east of the sweet home on the South sangtiam River.
1 mile of Suda Creek Falls Trail-
Riverwalk and historic bridge reconstruction.
Small tent camp, group tent camp, group picnic area, bathroom, picnic, fishing, swimming, hiking.
Oregon State Park(800)551-6949.
Clay Creek: Highway 126, 7 miles east of Walton.
Depart from Eugene, about 37 miles west of Highway 126, and head south (
Just before the tunnel above Mapleton)
On the Siuslaw River Road, which has laid about 17 miles.
Free picnic area, portable toilet, swimming pool, reservation-only shelters.
Land administration; (541)683-6600.
Picnic area: from Eugene
Springfield, east of Highway 126, is 20 miles northeast of the Mackenzie Bridge in the High Falls of Lake Ching. Sites: 12 day-use.
Picnic, fishing, hiking, non-motorized boating, nearby boat rentals, nearby resorts and restaurants in the summer and early autumn.
Makenqi River Forest area; (541)822-3381.
Clear Lake Resort
Visit the website of Lin County Park, www. co. linn. or. us/parks/parks.
Htm, and follow the link to Clear Lake Resort.
Dilhorn from Eugene
Springfield, travel east on Highway 126, to Holden Creek Lane, and to the landing area of dilhorn.
Water Cruise, toilet, picnic, swimming, swing, half
Basketball court.
Lane County Park; (541)682-2000.
Dexter: in Eugene, southeast of Highway 58, it\'s about 16 miles to Lake Dexter. Along highway.
Bathroom, disc golf course, picnic, fishing, boating, swimming.
Oregon State Park(800)551-6949.
Elijah Bristol: On Highway 58, 15 miles southeast of Eugene.
Hiking, biking and horseback riding are 12 miles long.
Book a group picnic.
Bathroom, picnic, fishing, wildlife viewing; day-use only.
Oregon State Park(800)551-6949.
Emerald: the Belt and Road to Santa Clara\'s exit, along the river to the south, is on Howard Avenue, on the left is Lakeside Avenue, 1400 is Lakeside Avenue.
A picnic place that can be reserved and a picnic area that cannot be reserved; playground; wading pool;
Indoor swimming pool; skate park;
Beach volleyball court;
Outdoor basketball court; restrooms.
River Road Park and Recreation Area ,(541)688-4052.
Autumn Creek National Entertainment District: On Highway 58, 27 miles southeast of Eugene, north of LowellSpringfield.
Fishing, swimming, drinking water, vault toilets, boat ramps, vehicle and trailer parking lots, Camp in cascala, protected group camp area in fisherman\'s point camp and five days-
Use the paid website including the largest Winberry Park. Most day-
Area of use opened in May 1. 30;
North Shore ruins, there\'s a low
Water ramp, open this year-round.
Oregon State Park(800)551-6949, (541)937-
1173 booking.
Landing: Eugene-
Springfield, on Highway 126 outside Vida, is at Thompson Lane.
Bathroom, picnic, boat ramp, fishing, translation booth.
Lane County Park; (541)682-2000.
Hendricks Bridge: Drive along Highway 126 east of Springfield and Cedar apartments.
Cross the Hendricks bridge and turn right along the Mackenzie River to the park.
Year parking feeround.
Picnic, swimming, storage, restroom, two-
Lane boat ramp, trail.
Open dawn to dusk.
Lane County Park; (541)682-2000 or ecomm. lanecounty. org/parks. H. J.
Morton from Eugene
Springfield, east to Finn Rock on Highway 126.
Picnic, fishing.
Lane County Park; (541)682-2000.
Howard Buford entertainment district: home to Mount Pixie Botanical Gardens and hiking trails.
Southern Eugene-
Springfield, 33735 Loop Road, Seavey.
Year parking feeround.
Bathroom, picnic, hiking and riding trails.
Lane County Park; (541)682-2000.
Jasper: 12 miles southeast of Eugene
Follow the middle fork of Springfield in Willamette.
From Springfield on South 42th Street to Jasper on Jasper Road, cross the bridge in Jasper and turn left to the park.
Group picnic booking, fishing, hiking, playground, restroom. Day-use fee.
Oregon State Park(800)551-6949. Jennie B.
Harris: Eugene-
Springfield, east to Highway 126 McKenzie Bridge (
About Milestone 50).
Bathroom, picnic, trail.
Lane County Park; (541)682-2000.
Lowell: near Lowell, old Pengra Road, Hubei shore, Dexter.
Yacht Marina offers.
Bathroom, fishing, swimming, picnic.
Group picnic reservations are available.
Oregon State Park(800)551-6949.
Koosah falls: about 18 miles from the Mackenzie bridge east of Highway 126;
Turn at the ice cap camp/Koosah waterfall sign.
Hiking, views.
Connect to Sahalie waterfall via 3-
Mile Falls Loop Trail.
Koosah means \"sky\" in Chinook \".
Makenqi River Forest area; (541)822-3381.
Old Mackenzie fish hatchery: Highway 126 to 44645 east of Springfield (Leaburg Lake).
Tap water, restroom, picnic, fishing, disabled access.
Multiple explanation booths.
Lane County Park; (541)682-2000.
Agency waterfall from Eugene
Springfield, about 55 miles east on Highway 126, is on Highway 242, seven miles from trailhead.
Picnic (hiking (1 --Mile loop trail).
Cost: $5 for vehicle or NWFP.
Makenqi River Forest area; (541)822-3381.
Row River Trail: from I-
5 exit 174 of Cottage, travel a mile on Row River Road, then turn right on Currin Road.
Turn left at Mosby Creek Road for about 2 miles to Layng Road and then turn left into the parking lot at Mosby Creek trailhead. 17-
Multi-purpose, non-motorized (
Cycling, skating, hiking, equestrian)
The trail winds along the river and along the Hubei coastline of Donner.
Wheelchair accessible.
Trail has recently designated a National Recreation Trail.
Land administration; (541)683-6600.
Sakhali falls from Eugene
Springfield, east of Highway 126, is about 18 miles northeast of Mackenzie Bridge.
Bathroom, observation booth, hiking.
Connect to Koosah waterfall via 3-
Mile Falls Loop Trail.
Sahalie means \"heaven\" from Chinook \".
Makenqi River Forest area; (541)822-3381.
Salt Creek Falls: Route 58, 23 miles southeast of Oakridge.
Fishing, picnic, hiking, viewing, commentary. NWFP required.
It is impossible to arrive in the snow season.
Zhongfork forest area; (541)782-2283.
Sharp Creek: close to Grove Lodge.
From Eugene, in I-
5 to the first cabin Grove exit, leave at the signal at Row River Road, continue to Shoreline Road, and then go through Culp Creek to Sharps Creek Road, about 3 miles to park.
Free picnic area, horse jumping toilet, swimming pool.
Land administration; (541)683-6600.
Shotgun: Interstate 105, exit 42 Street, marking Marcola, turn left onto Shotgun Creek Road. Year-round park.
Picnic, swimming, field sports, playground and hiking. $3 day-use fee;
Collective shelters can be rented.
Summer time: 10m. to 9:30 p. m.
Land administration; (541)683-6600.
Tyler Landin: near Springfield.
Drive east on Highway 126, turn right on Deerhorn Road, and travel about 5 miles to the left.
Jump horse toilet, picnic, commentary, boating, fishing. Free site.
Land administration; (541)683-6600.
Next to Washburn State Highway: Highway 99 West, 4 miles northwest of the city.
Bathrooms, picnic, nature trails, bird and wildlife viewing, hiking, commentary signs.
Oregon State Park(800)551-6949.
Whittaker Creek: Highway 126, 7 miles east of Walton.
Depart from Eugene, about 37 miles west of Highway 126, and head south (
Right in front of the tunnel near Mapleton)
On the repaired Siuslaw River Road, 2 miles to the camp.
Free picnic area, swimming pool, trail, portable toilet.
Land administration; (541)683-6600.
Whitley landing: One Belt, One Road from Eugene to Riverside Road exit, north to Wilks Avenue (
Become a river circle)
Turn along Chapman Road.
Bathroom picnic boat ramp fishing.
Lane County Park; (541)682-2000.
Wildwood falls: Interstate 5, exit 174 Grove Lodge.
Turn left 3 miles on Row River Road, turn right on government Road, pass Dorena Lake and Culp Creek mill, turn left on Brice Creek down Road, then drive 3-
A mile from the roadside of Wildwood falls.
Picnic in the bathroom.
Lane County Park; (541)682-2000.
Orchard Point in Fern Ridge: 13 miles from Lake Eugene Fern Ridge.
The park is located on Clear Lake Road on the northeast side of the reservoir.
Year parking feeround.
Facilities include berths, ramps, picnics, boats for rent, licensed booths, and reserved circles.
Lane County Park; (541)682-2000 or ecomm. lanecounty. org/parks.
Perkins Peninsula: 10 miles west of Eugene, on the Hunan shore of Fern Ridge.
Year parking feeround.
The facilities include picnic, ramp, toilet, baseball field and swimming.
Lane County Park; (541)682-2000 or ecomm. lanecounty. org/parks.
Richardson: Lake Fern Ridge 16 miles west of Eugene.
The park is located on Clear Lake Road on the northwest side of the lake.
Year parking feeround.
Picnic, camping, play area, game structure, shower facilities, swimming beach, dock, ramp, amphitheater.
Disable access.
Camping and group picnic reservations.
Lane County Park; 682-2000 or ecomm. lanecounty. org/parks.
Zumwater: Eugene, 11th Avenue West (Highway 126)
11 miles, 1 mile from Perkins half Island Park to ellemaker Road, 1 mile from jeans Road, 1 mile from right-half mile. Walk-
Only access from the parking lot.
Picnic fishing in the bathroom.
Lane County Park; (541)682-2000.
Alton Baker: Ferry Street bridge along the Willamette River.
The path of cycling, walking and jogging;
Boarding, canoe launch, BMX track, fishing, dog park, community garden, restroom, amphitheater, Science factory Children\'s Museum and Planetarium, picnic, sanctuary, proportional model solar system, natural area. (541)682-4800 or www. eugene-or. gov/parks.
Amazon: Route 22 to 34 and Amazon to Hilyard Street.
The path of basketball, skate park, dog park, cycling, walking and jogging;
Community Garden, bathroom, picnic, playground, football, softball, tennis court, beach volleyball court.
Amazon pool in Hilyard St. 2600(541)682-4800 or www. eugene-or. gov/parks.
Bethel Community: 33-
Acre park borders Avalon Avenue, traditional street and Haviture Road just south of the Meadowview school near Barger Drive.
In addition to the state, the site also includes the Babe Ruth baseball field complex and Eugene\'s latest skate parkof-the-
Art playground, picnic area, basketball court, amphitheater, restroom, landscaping, sidewalks and lighting.
The natural area includes a piece of gray forest land, wetland and open grassland. (541)682-4800 or www. eugene-or. gov/parks.
Delta pond: Unique natural area, adjacent to the willamit River, just downstream of the center of the Valley River, near the ancient Muchang Island Road.
Bird watching, fishing and hiking.
New trail north of the pond.
Major restoration and entertainment improvements in the project. See www. ci. eugene. or. us/parks. (541)682-4800 or www. eugene-or. gov/parks.
Golden Garden: natural area around three ponds next to Highway 99 N, Barger Avenue on the left and Golden Garden Street on the right. Soft-
Surface paths and wildlife viewing. (541)682-4800 or www. eugene-or. gov/parks.
Hendricks: from Franklin Avenue in Eugene, east, to Fairmont Avenue in Walnut Street in the south, and then to peak Avenue in the east.
Azalea Garden, native plant garden, mature forest, picnic, wildlife viewing, trails, shelters, restrooms. (541)682-4800 or www. eugene-or. gov/parks.
Murray Jacobs: Located on the west bank of the willamit River, from Greenway bike bridge to the River House, roughly between the north end of Park Street and Adams Street in Eugene.
The playground, the path of cycling, walking and jogging;
Garden, picnic, football, bathroom. (541)682-4800 or www. eugene-or. gov/parks.
Owen Rose Garden: follow Jefferson North Street to the Willamette River in Eugene.
Bike paths, sidewalks, flower/plant displays, restrooms, picnics, shelters. (541)682-4800 or www. eugene-or. gov/parks.
Skinner Bart: in the Bart area near downtown Eugene, between the ferry and Lincoln Street.
Eugene\'s display playground RiverPlay Discovery Village reflects the theme of the region\'s natural and cultural history, including Pioneer Village, miniature willamit River, interactive sand
Excavation of fossil areas and 25-
A replica of Skinner Bart\'s foot play structure.
The park also features bike, walking and jogging trails, nature trails, rock climbing, views of the city center and surrounding areas from Butte, restrooms, picnics, playgrounds, softball, shelters, fishing. (541)682-4800 or www. eugene-or. gov/parks.
Spencer Bart/Ridgeline Trail: a few points along willamit Street and foxholo Road south of Eugene are available.
Center 1,000-plus-
The acre Ridge park trail system extends from Brandon Road in the West to Spring Avenue in the east.
More than 12 miles of nature and mountain biking trails, wildlife viewing, from 2,062-foot butte. (541)682-4800 or www. eugene-or. gov/parks.
Sports Park: California junior high school, Churchill and Shelton High School. Synthetic all-
Weather fields in Churchill and Sheldon, traditional courts, skate parks in Churchill and karyoung, basketball courts, children\'s playground, tennis courts, barrier-free walking trails, restrooms, lights, benches and picnic tables in each park. (541)682-4800 or www. eugene-or. gov/parks.
WASHINGTON/Jefferson: first pass the Seventh Avenue under Washington and Jefferson bridges.
Bicycle, walking and jogging, basketball court, bathroom, picnic, playground, horseshoe court. (541)682-4800 or www. eugene-or. gov/parks.
Wayne Morse family farm: 595 from Crest Drive.
Hiking, dog park, picnic, seasonal restroom. (541)682-4800 or www. eugene-or. gov/parks.
Xieugene wetland: 3,000-
An acre system of interconnected wetlands.
Including seven miles of trails.
Miles from Lane activity center to the meadows of the Meadowlands Fern Ridge bike lane.
View of wild animals
Logo and brochure.
Entrance: Batterson Nature Park (
Near Bertson and Stewart Road)
, Check in to allow access (
Just off Royal mile west of Terry Street), Gudu-kut (
Avenue 14 and City View, Luk-wah Prairie (
18 and west of Liuxi)
And grassland (
Green Hill Road between West 11 and Royal Mile).
For information, please call (541)682-
4800 or visit www. eugene-or. gov/wetlands.
Westmoreland: Polk and Fillmore Avenue from the 18th to the 24th. 46-
Acre park with disc golf course, baseball/softball course, performance venue, picnic area, football, tennis court and Year-round restroom. (541)682-4800 or www. eugene-or. gov/parks.
Willamalan Park (Springfield)
Bob ALDS Memorial Park: 7807 Thurston Road, Springfield.
Drinking water, power outlets, electric lights, open play area, playground, restroom, softball field, phone. (541)736-4104.
Clear Water Park: Clearwater Lane in Springfield.
Boarding, fishing, natural areas, picnics, restrooms, jogging paths, trails, viewing points, river passages, parking lots. (541)736-4104.
Community Sports Park: No. 32 Springfield and Main Street (
Most of the listed facilities have been completed).
Basketball, drinking water, football, jogging track, lighting, picnic, playground, bathroom, phone, open play area, parking lot. (541)736-4104.
Dorris Ranch: 205 Dorris Streetin Springfield.
Drinking water, meeting space, natural area, picnic, restroom, trail, view point, power outlet, river passage, parking lot. (541)736-4104.
Douglas Garden Park: 3455
Redwood Avenue in Springfield.
Basketball court, football/football, lighting, play area, picnic area, playground, restroom, softball, tennis court. (541)736-4104.
East Gate Woodland/Alton Baker Park: 512 Aspen Streetin Springfield.
Bicycle path, boat landing, fishing, jogging path, river passage, Natural Area, picnic, playground, trail, view point, parking lot. (541)736-4104.
Guy Lee Park: 890 Darlene Street. in Springfield.
Drinking water, football/football, lighting, natural area, open play area, picnic area, restroom, softball, tennis court, trail. (541)736-4104.
Harvest landing: Harvest Lane in Springfield.
Fishing, Natural Area, scenery, river passage. (541)736-4104.
Island Park: 200 West B Streetin Springfield.
Bicycle lane, boat landing, drinking water, power outlet, fishing, lighting, natural area, open play area, picnic, performance stage, playground, Horseshoe, sanctuary, trail, View Point parking, river passage. (541)736-4104. Jack B.
Lively Memorial Park: 6100 Thurston Road, Springfield.
Lighting, natural area, drinking water, meeting space, swimming pool, open play area, picnic, bathroom, phone, parking lot. (541)736-4104.
Jasper Meadows Park: 1600 Springfield south 57.
Playground, sandbox, basketball court. (541)736-4104.
Thurston Park: 6329 St floor
747 Street 64
Basketball Court, horseshoe pit, lighting, open space, playground, bike lane, picnic. (541)736-4104. Wallace M.
Ralph Memorial Park: 66th Street, Thurston Road, Springfield.
Jogging track, nature area, open play area, picnic area, Magnolia Botanical Garden, trail. (541)736-4104.
Green passage on west D Street: Aspen Street/River View Street in Springfield.
Bicycle and walking paths, river passages, fishing, lighting, natural areas, trails, jogging paths, viewing points, parking lots. (541)736-4104.
Willamalan Park: 1276G St. in Springfield.
Basketball Court, skate park, swimming pool, drinking water, power outlet, football/football, Horseshoe, lights, open play area, picnic, playground, softball, tennis court, restroom, phone, parking. (541)736-4104.
There are more parks in Eugene, Springfield and the surrounding communities, as are other county, state, and federal parks.
For a complete list, see the following website: Yujin city: www. eugene-or.
Governor willamalan/Park (Springfield): www. willamalane.
Org/Lane County: www. co. lane. or.
United States/park/Oregon State Parkoregon.
Government/park/Land Authority: www. blm.
Government/or willamit National Forest: www. fs. fed.
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