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lidl is selling an inflatable bouncy castle – and it’s cheaper than aldi

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-08
LIDL is selling an inflatable castle, which will be the perfect addition to any garden party you plan this weekend --
Cheaper than Aldi.
The budget retailer has announced that it will sell 5 feet high inflatable toys for £ 25 from Thursday this week --
This is 60 cents less than the competitor\'s version.
Just six. and-a-
Half foot, Aldi\'s inflatable is a bit bigger than Lidl\'s, but it will set you back nearly 70.
The Lidl Castle also has a higher weight limit, with a maximum load of 50 kg and a competitor of 34 kg.
This means that more children can jump on it at the same time.
The castle in Riddle was built-
It aims for children aged three to seven.
It also comes with a three-year warranty if there is any puncture.
Some other retailers sell similar inflatable castles, but Lidl is the cheapest we find.
Smith toys sold an almost identical inflatable castle for £ 99.
99, save £ 75 if you buy from Lidl.
Tesco also offers an inflatable castle for £ 90.
In the meantime, a smaller 3 feet-foot-high inflatable device in Argos will set you back by £ 80.
The only gain is that the cheap inflatable castle will only show up before the stock lasts and at this price we expect it to be very popular.
If you want to beautify your garden before the bank holiday, Argos will offer up to 30 discounts on selected garden furniture and barbecue.
You can also save up to £ 50 in Wilco\'s garden range.
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