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lidl is selling pineapple, cactus, popcorn and pizza pool floats

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-07
Thanks to Lidl, you can now bask in your favorite food and drinks at this summer\'s pool party.
Discount supermarkets sell inflatable pool floats in the shape of pineapple, popcorn, pizza and cactus.
If you like to open a bottle of cold wine in hot weather, you can actually relax on a bottle of wine as Lidl is also selling a bottle of float shaped like rose wine.
\"Crivit inflatable pool recliner\" will provide you with a package of £ 7.
Each 99, only from Sunday will they be sold on the \"Lidl middle\" aisle of the storeMay 19.
Keep in mind that they are available as long as the stock lasts, so you need to be quick.
You can find the nearest Lidl store using the store location tool.
The floats are large. the longest floats are pineapples, which are 190 cm long.
At the same time, the smallest of the five pool floats is pizza, which is 170 cm long.
The maximum weight of all pool floats is 100 kg, but in the event of an accident, there are two patch patches for each float.
Although Bargainmax is one of the cheapest floats. co.
The UK is currently selling a similar pizza slice flower truck for £ 6 for 6ft. 99.
If what you want is popcorn, you have to spend a little more on Onbuy.
Com sold a giant float of 190 cm for £ 19. 99.
Or, if you like to relax on sweet pine, eat fruit. co.
The price in the UK is £ 15. 99.
Lidl also sells stunning jungle and pirate adventure inflatable paddle pools for £ 35.
It reduces 299 inflatable hot tubs to 249
Cheaper than Tesco and Aldi.
If you\'re after something more strange, B & M is selling an inflatable toilet pool floating with emoji poop sticks so you can fight your companions.
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