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like tough mudder, only more bouncy: the rise of the inflatable obstacle course

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-01
After a sixyear-
Old boy, I sprinted in the blazing intense sun to a place that could only be described as an inflatable mountain.
Like the red, rubber Everest, it makes me dare to accept it.
I still retreated from the grass to its trembling foothills, dragging myself up its ribs --
Like a layer, before squatting on its summit for a while. The sun-
The rich country park in Essex was put in front of me by scorched green garbage;
The child\'s cry rose behind me.
No time to waste . . . . . . If any, it is surprising that humans did not add weekend runs with huge inflatable obstacles until 2018.
There are several reasons for this, and the main reason is that running is boring, which is an indisputable fact.
Also, running barely uses the muscles of our upper body, which makes running a strange choice for previous trees to exercise by default
Living species.
Finally, it is essential that adult life has little chance to enjoy resilient castles or similar castles, and much less to consume them at the expense of small children.
Well, this is a concept worth testing. Enter Gung-
Ho, a business that has been visiting inflatable Handicap courses around the country since 2015, provides a compelling reason for adults
It is considered a real fitness trend.
The audience is old enough to remember Doctors Without Borders (
Recently, Total Wipeout)
I know this is not the first run, low
In concept, horizontal competitive power and huge elastic objects are mixed together, but until recently, this quality
Stupid participation was provided to the public.
Last year, thousands of big kids tried to conquer the world\'s longest inflatable obstacle course-the Beast (892ft/272m)
-Stayed at Alexandra Palace in London during the bank holiday on August.
A bigger monster this summer --
Courses called Monsters (984ft/300m)
Bar will be raised;
It has more than 40 obstacles, including a \"doomsday elastic cage\" and a \"giant slide\" of 60 feet \".
11-there will be several meetings16-year-
But this is definitely an adult. up event. Gung-
Ho is still the most popular of these bounces --
Hundreds of people took part in every marathon. togethers.
Happily, I noticed on the starting line that they are not the kind of Apple --
Bandana bike
The city boy you saw in the tough mud incident (
Or at least in a photo of a difficult chaos: I didn\'t claim to have attended it in person once).
My competitors are family, couple and Essex girls.
They talk, they laugh, they swing.
I told myself it would be easy.
Limping/clumsy in the beginning pen, it is clear that the event is not as advertised.
We are promised the \"5 k inflatable barrier course;
What do we get, this is the norm for Gung
There are three events-
Miles running interspersed inflatable.
There are ten obstacles, and there are hundreds of hard codes between each obstacle.
In my opinion, such a run: the disturbance ratio is all closed.
What I\'m looking forward to is a Japanese game show of no government, not a great show. up Parkrun.
The first obstacle is a wide, white rib slope.
Running straight towards it instead of going one by one seems to be the fastest way to overcome it.
It is fairly firm at the foot-not as resilient as the trampoline, but certainly softer than the turf.
This contrast was obvious to me in later lessons: along another bouncy slope, I jumped too quickly from the last step, and in the chaotic flight of my own limbs, I
This joy is still waiting for me as I slide down the slope on the other side of the first obstacle.
The stadium, marked by cones, extends to a distance and hardly sees obstacles.
Many families are still negotiating the first obstacle, but our families, who are not affected by their children, are jogging steadily in the park.
Next, all of our ustogether formed a very casual evacuation from a very slow evacuation --moving threat.
We were running all the time and at the end we came into contact with more inflatable devices.
Every one is customized. made for Gung-Ho, which (
A director of the company later told me)
Send design to \"inflatable architect (
Full of hot air, don\'t like thorns
Who turns them into real, physical, safeto-use obstacles.
There are always 10 obstacles on one field, but each obstacle will vary depending on the space the organizer has to play.
In our case, there are holes that can be climbed in the past, fences that can be climbed to the vault, and lollipops that can be hung to avoid-running: The disturbance has improved than it is now, obstacles need our coordination more than bad parkour.
Judging from the panting of the finish line, the inflatable Handicap course is clearly a great way to get kids to exercise and also to get any uselesslump (hi! )
Start using their arms, shoulders and back.
It can be said that this is the future of exercise, but in my words, inflatable toys will grow and grow. begung-ho. co.
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