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little girl dies after jumping castle ‘explodes’

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-09
A child was allegedly killed on a crowded beach in Norfolk, England, when a jumping castle \"exploded\" and was ejected into the air for more than three metres.
According to The Daily Telegraph, the unnamed girl had a heart attack when she was thrown to the beach in galerston.
She has been playing trampoline on the beach, with inflatable slides, traditional trampoline and rodeo.
The girl, who is considered no more than four years old, was taken to James padit hospital where she died.
Witnesses said they heard a loud noise and saw the child \"ejected\" into the air.
A man performed CPR on her until the ambulance arrived.
See: you need to know the CPR of Curt Johnson, owner of 47-year-old Bounce on, who was not present at the time of the accident, and he said the inflatable castle may have exploded in the heat.
The temperature on that day was 23 °c.
\"This is very disturbing,\" the Daily Mail quoted Johnson as saying . \".
\"We have been on the beach for a long time and it must have been several years and this was the first accident we had there.
Very shocking.
\"Kayla\'s witness.
According to The Sun, Ann Weaver sits just a few meters away from where the incident took place, saying she will never let her girl play on the jumping castle.
\"My idea is to be with the little girl\'s family,\" she added . \".
The health and safety authorities, local authorities and police have launched joint investigations into the circumstances of the incident.
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