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\'live more awesome\': riding down the world\'s longest water slide at bethells beach

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-18
Standing at the top of the world\'s longest waterslide, the end can barely see 600 and down more than 100, I would lie if I said I wasn\'t nervous at all.
But when you run, jump, and hit the soap plastic at the top, a gentle gradient will make you feel calm and think \"ah, it\'s all going to be OK \".
Then, when the slide goes through the first tilt, the situation starts to change.
You are speeding up quickly, there are water flowers everywhere, and then before landing in the pile, you are flying in the air when you cross the jump, almost losing control, still sliding, only restore control before another air zone.
After a minute and a half, you reach the finish line and can\'t help but make a huge whoops-how rushed.
Everyone around you has the same emotional look on their faces, the adrenaline flowing through their veins, and they\'re all thinking about the same thing, \"it\'s great \".
This feeling is the main idea behind the activities held by mental health charity, and life is even more exciting in the third year of this weekend.
At the picturesque Jones Farm, overlooking the beach in Oakland, the water slide is recognized by Guinness World Records as the longest slide in the world.
It attracted thousands of people to raise money for mental health and broadcast it in international media.
Founders Jimmy Hunt and Dan nuclear Gustin have come up with the idea as a means to not only make people have some fun, improve their mental health, but also make people feel like they\'re talking about it
\"We all have mental health problems,\" Hunt said . \".
\"When I realized that it was not about mental illness or mental health, it was about mental health, I ushered in a critical turning point.
\"With the slides and any conversations generated around the slides, we want people to understand that we all have mental health and it\'s our job to take care of ourselves and become mentally healthy.
\"You are in the sun, in a good crowd, through gentle exercise.
All of this helps mental health.
\"Besides, it\'s just a good pleasure.
For Michelle Roach, this is her third year and her first time as a volunteer.
\"It\'s great. it\'s so lively.
\"She came with her colleague Jamie Morrison, who was with his son Oscar, and\" buzzing \"after some of his life\'s journeys \".
Morrison said he liked the idea of the event to normalize the dialogue around mental health.
\"We all have family and friends who have suffered mental challenges,\" Morrison said . \".
\"They can have these amazing creative aspects, but they also have to go through tough times.
We need to know more about when people are suffering.
\"Also, it\'s great to have the longest water slide in the world in little New Zealand.
\"The water slide is just one of many activities the charity has done to\" live better \"and raise money for the mental health awareness initiative.
This is their third year to host this increasingly popular event-tickets for $129 a day are sold out within 22 hours.
In addition to the big slides, there are top performers and DJs who all have time to support the initiative.
Health workshops are also being held throughout the day.
However, Hunter was not surprised by the popularity.
\"Everyone likes the water slide, which happens to be the biggest slide in the world.
Despite the popularity this year, Hunter said, it will be the last year.
It is designed as a propaganda tool for people to talk about mental health.
As the media hype settles, it means some new plans are coming soon.
The famous water slide may not end, though, as Hunter plans to auction the slide in the near future to raise money for another effort.
But he is silent now.
\"There\'s something in the pipeline that we\'re going to announce the next idea soon.
\"At the same time, he was happy that everyone got a little silly and enjoyed themselves.
\"This is a very important time to talk about it in a timely manner and to discuss these issues openly,\" Hunt said . \".
\"There has been a big shift in understanding mental illness.
It\'s time to take the next step and start creating awareness around the fact that everyone has mental health.
\"The better you take care of, the less chance you have of mental illness, and the greater your chance of \'living better.
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