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Lonely pensioners fuel surge in sales of inflatable SEX DOLLS in China as they struggle to find new partners

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-20
Hidden in the alleys and alleys of Xi\'an in northern China, there are about 2,000 adult stores.
According to the People\'s Daily Online, it may be surprising that their growing customer base is among pension recipients looking for explosive toys.
This is also a growing trend in other parts of China.
Some of these old men have been widowed, while others have found that their wives are no longer interested in sex.
Unfortunately, some of these people also see these dolls as partners in life because they are no longer in constant contact with their children.
According to Mr. Feng, who is an adult owner and has deals with many of his shops online in Xi\'an, he blows up sex dolls and doesn\'t reach the city until about 1998.
At that time, they were lucky enough to sell 100 a year.
But in recent years, the number of these dolls is increasing.
Feng Xiaogang said he now sells more than 1,000 dolls a year.
Usually, the consumer groups are divided into curious young people who buy dolls online but don\'t use them much; middle-
Older migrant workers or men with extramarital love use dolls regularly;
As well as widows or pensioners who live alone, they also use dolls frequently.
Feng Xiaogang specifically revealed that people who receive pensions usually go to the store to shop, so that they can easily return unwanted products.
In the factoring business of other stores, online products and similar toys, the sales rate of Xi\'an alone is estimated to exceed 10,000 pieces in one year.
For urban pensioners, toys meet their needs.
According to QQ, a survey of people aged 65 to 80 in China shows that 95 people still have sexual needs.
Many of them were not satisfied. For a 70-year-
An old man named Li, an explosive doll is both a partner and a sex toy.
Li\'s wife died three years ago and he rarely saw his children.
When his daughter lives in another city, his son works abroad.
Most of the time, Li is at home alone.
Although he was once introduced to a woman, she didn\'t want to have sex and thought it was disgusting for Lee to make this suggestion.
Her feelings echo those of a wider society in which many believe that once a person retires, their sex life should also be retired.
After talking to a friend with the same doll, Li decided to buy himself one for about 1,000 yuan (100.
Li said he may use it several times a year, but most of the time it will deflate and put it in the cupboard.
Occasionally, however, he would take out the doll and put on the clothes of his late wife just to have a cup of tea.
A lonely widow like Li is not uncommon.
Although life expectancy in China has increased, those left behind are not always able to choose to pair with new partners.
In addition to the difficulty of finding a suitable partner for the appropriate age group, pensioners must also deal with objections from their children.
This social phenomenon has also led to an increasing number of pensions seeking love among prostitutes and other money-based relationships.
But it\'s not just the lonely widowers who resort to sex dolls.
Another man in his 60 s, surnamed Zhang, revealed that his wife had bought him the sex doll.
He claims that when his wife was in her 50 s, she no longer needed sex, and that the opposite sex was real to him.
His wife bought him a sex doll to appease him.
Although initially angry, Zhang used sex toys when needed.
After the event, Zhang immediately felt guilty and regret.
The next time this happened, Zhang turned to the toy again, and he regretted it again.
Zhang said it was a cycle of regret for him over the past few years.
But more and more pensioners are trying to blow up sex toys, not only in Xi\'an.
While there are no nationwide toy sales figures, there are some media reports that there is a growing trend for pensioners to use explosive dolls, although only when things go wrong.
Earlier this year, a man in Zhuzhou, Central China, reported a fraud case about blowing up sex toys. The 67-year-
Old brought a doll that looked completely different from what was advertised and reported it to the police.
In the end, the case was referred to the court, but the judgment was never publicly announced.
For Ms. Feng, the adult owner, it is clear why the use of such toys is rarely reported.
People are very depressed about sex, he said.
They think sex is ugly and don\'t want to discuss it.
They especially don\'t want to discuss their sex life with others.
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