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long haul flights - what to take on flight

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-29
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Credit: the Wikimedia community you look forward to having a great holiday in a new, exotic place, but to get there, you have to survive in the harsh environment of a long flight, long flight back.
Here are some tips on what you should bring to make life easier.
The best way to sleep to kill time and get to your destination in good condition is to sleep, but it can be harder than you think.
There are many factors that are not good for you during long flights.
Day and night don\'t happen in the right place and you don\'t have the right rhythm either.
The noise was loud and the cabin crew and other passengers interrupted your sleep.
So, what can you carry with you to help you fall asleep, you should definitely have a neck pillow and an eye pad to block the lights in the cabin.
When you have the support of the neck pillow, it will be much easier to sleep.
Inflatable pillows are cheap to buy and take up very little space in your flight bag.
Earplugs for sleeping are a good idea.
The molded wax earbuds work better than the foam earbuds that sometimes give you in flight.
A good pair of noise canceling headphones (
Sometimes called noise canceling earplugs)
It may be expensive, but it is priceless in a long flight.
Noise canceling headphones help you fall asleep by blocking noise from the aircraft\'s engine and help you stay entertained.
Some people find it helpful to take sleeping pills.
This is something you should talk to your doctor about.
Bose silent comfort 15 soundproof headphones (
Manufacturers discontinued)
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This is the perfect way to stop air travel noise and sleep.
Credit: What Wikimedia has in common is that staying comfortable on long flights means being well organized.
Well organized means booking your flight in advance and getting the best possible seats, preferably by aisle, or a seat you can easily get in and out of and have a lot of legroom.
You want the best seats for as much legroom as possible.
Arrive at the check-in desk early if you can and ask if you can upgrade.
Part of the organization for your flight is having a nice flight bag that is easy to get in and out of the overhead lockers and you can find everything in it.
There\'s nothing worse than not being able to find what you need in a flight bag or putting it under your feet with precious leg space.
A good flight bag should be easy to carry and easy to find things.
Take any medication you may need.
If you are a nervous flyer, you may want to talk to your doctor about settling down or something like that.
Take motion sickness pills if you are prone to motion sickness.
Be sure to carry a pen with you.
You need it to complete the paperwork for immigration.
Be prepared for an accident, such as, God bless, to be separated from your luggage.
Bring your toothbrush and change your underwear and put it in your flight bag.
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On a long flight, if you are not warm enough, there is one thing that may stop you from sleeping.
When the air conditioner works, it may be cold inside the cabin.
Airlines usually give you blankets, but it\'s a good idea to add a layer of clothing if needed.
A good idea for female travelers is to bring something as light but warm as pushmina.
Keeping the air moisture in the cabin becomes very dry.
It is particularly important to keep enough water.
It\'s a good idea to drink water with you, but a better idea is to have an electrolyte drink like Gatorade, which will replace the required minerals and help replenish your water properly.
Some people find their noses dry.
Saline nasal spray is an effective protection against this problem and can usually be found at an airport pharmacy.
Hand cream and lip balm are also helpful.
Risk of avoiding deep venous thrombosis (DVT)
It is said to have tripled during long flights, although from this perspective the risk is still only one deep venous thrombosis per 4656 flights. [2983]
The risk of DVT is relatively low, but it is important to keep the blood circulation going normally and to get up and move around regularly.
It\'s a good idea to wear a pair of shoes or flying slippers so you can kick off your shoes and be comfortable, but also walk around the cabin every once in a while.
If you are particularly worried about deep venous thrombosis, it may be helpful to wear pressure socks or pressure socks.
The price of pressure socks or stockings is relatively cheap, which can help a lot.
Most people don\'t need medication, but you should consult your doctor if your blood circulation is bad or you think you have a special risk.
The hardest thing to do to kill time and entertain yourself may be the sheer boredom of all this.
You must make good use of it.
If a flight movie is offered.
You may have to use an airline headset, but this will enhance the experience if you have your own headset compatible with the aircraft sound system, especially if you have a set of noise canceling headphones or noise canceling earbuds.
The quality of air music is usually poor, so you may want to download some of your own favorite tracks and bring your iPod, MP3 player, iPhone or anything that works for you.
You should also bring a good book.
Maybe start before you go, because getting on board and finding out you have a book you don\'t like can be a disaster.
You may also want to bring your travel guide;
If it\'s just a reminder of why!
If you are not a reader, you can bring a puzzle book or a portable game.
With the right precautions, your long flight should go smoothly and you will reach an idyllic place where you can have a sleep.
Of course, there is still a long way to go home, but, if you are wise, you will recover yourself for a day or two.
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