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looking for the perfect home based business?start a bounce house business

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-22
In the warm months, you can see bounce houses everywhere.
You might have rented one in the past.
Chances are you \'ve considered starting a bounce house company yourself.
Rent rebounded from $65.
The price on the West Coast is $250/day.
00 & up in other parts of the country.
At Indianapolis, we rented our house for about $225.
Four to six hours.
So if you charge $150
Your rent is 00 and you can make an extra $300.
Weekly income of 00.
Like any business, you will also have some fees.
A truck or small trailer is required for bounce delivery.
Suv can also.
You will need extension lines, business cards, insurance, dollys and other small business items.
Most rental company owners start with their own delivery and booking so they don\'t have much extra labor costs.
The real pleasure in this industry is that when you want to work, you work if you want to take a vacation. . . .
Don\'t book any rooms that day.
But the downside is that if you want to earn a lot of income, you have to be free when people want to rent a house.
Usually on weekends.
Insurance is the biggest cost.
While it seems to get cheaper when adding more units, the startup cost is hard.
The rebound in house prices averaged about $1500.
But insurance costs will be around $750. 00.
This means that the cost of starting a business in your first year will be around $2500. 00.
If you rent your apartment for $150.
00, you will still pay your fee in less than 20 rentals.
Of course, the more you charge, the faster your investment will be paid.
You may be surprised to find that there is a lot more rent than the bounce house.
Five years ago, our initial start-up was a rebound twice, but in a very short time we have grown to more than 50 inflatable and interactive games.
You can find huge slides, obstacle classes, casino tables, bungee jumping, toddler games and fun food.
This business will actually grow as you need it.
As long as you take out the equipment in front of people, you can book the rent.
The unit itself is its own advertisement.
To start your new business, all you need to do is follow these simple steps. -
Learn what you need from your state and local board to start a bounce back rental business.
There may be limits on what you can do. -
Check the supplier.
You can look for \"bounce house\" or \"inflatable game\" online \". -
Ask the supplier to give you insurance information.
Don\'t buy until you get insurance. -
Order your bounce (s)
Just when you have insurance. -
You have a lot to do while waiting for the device.
Design flyers and business cards.
Get your phone number and domain name.
Start with the website.
Tell all your friends about your new business. -
Although you start advertising, it is not recommended to book before your unit arrives.
It\'s just asking for trouble. -
The day your device arrived was so exciting.
Make sure you have fully checked your equipment for damage before the delivery driver leaves.
Also make sure you receive everything. -
Now is the interesting part.
Inflate your new unit and get familiar with it.
Let the children nearby play.
You would like to see your unit so people will want to rent it.
It\'s simple, isn\'t it?
Of course, I just mentioned these steps, but it\'s not much more complicated than that.
If you join the party rental industry, you will share the fun with everyone.
This is a good way to make money.
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