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maharashtra: kid dies after falling off inflatable bouncer in hingoli | aurangabad news - times of india

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-12
MUMBAI: A 10-year-
Police said Monday that a young boy died after falling from an inflatable bodyguard in the Singoli area of Maharashtra and four other minors were injured.
A police official said the incident took place on Sunday night at a spiritual gathering in Kanhergaon, an area more than 500 kilometers away.
\"Children play on inflatable bodyguards that provide trampoline --
Just like the effect of children jumping.
However, a gust of wind caused the bodyguards to be unbalanced because the children fell from a height.
He said Manohar Raghoji More, a resident of Sengaon, died immediately when four other children were seriously injured.
The injured child was rushed to a nearby hospital.
We have registered a case of accidental death and the investigation is in progress.
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