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man’s life changed after ‘perfectly safe’ tough mudder obstacle course

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-17
Tough Mudd player Andrew Dawkins spoke with Lisa Wilkinson of the project. Andrew Dawkins.
Source: Channel 10 Andrew Dawkins decided last year to \"be healthy and strong\" when he decided to compete in Melbourne\'s hard game \".
But six months later, Mr. Dawkins is recovering from spinal cord damage, and it is estimated that his injury caused him to lose $50,000 for medical expenses and inability to work.
He told Lisa Wilkinson of the project that his life changed forever when he completed the difficult Mudd electric shock treatment disorder, which is part of a course containing 10,000 volts of electricity, competitors must go through their way.
While Tough Mudder charmain Will Dean once described it as \"spiritual intimidation\", it was \"completely safe\" but the obstacles are now under investigation and have been cleared from all obstacle classesAndrew Dawkins.
Mr. Dawkins said he approached the electric shock treatment barrier and turned to a tough mud employee for guidance.
\"I asked the waiter, \'What is the strategy to solve this problem?
\"He said to me, \'Run as fast as you can, you\'re done, \'\" Dawkins said \'. \".
\"I ran a lap with my friend, rushed into the obstacle, and then (I)
I felt that the spine was strongly impacted, the limbs were contracted, and there was a strange feeling under the legs.
I had to massage them all the time, but I was determined to finish the course.
Difficult chaos is a core obstacle course designed to be a \"life-
Change the adventure \".
For Andrew Dawkins, \"Life --
\"Change\" has different meanings. pic. twitter.
In the days after Mr Dawkins, com/xutkcpmeqin found \"it\'s harder to walk, it\'s harder to sit\" and \"very tired \".
Nine days after the difficult chaos, he was taken to the hospital, and the original doctor had a hard time figuring out what was wrong with him, and Dawkins thought he must have \"Rare Cancer \".
It was only after MRI that Mr Dawkins got the answer that he was diagnosed with incomplete central spinal cord syndrome, which occurred when the spinal cord was damaged.
Mr. Dawkins was diagnosed with incomplete central cord syndrome in the hospital.
Source: Channel 10 diagnosis means that Mr. Dawkins, struggling to walk without help, is recovering and has lost tens of thousands of dollars due to medical expenses and inability to work.
Dawkins also had to shelve his plans to marry his fiancee, Sarah Ward.
At, Mr. Dawkins signed an injury waiver in the difficult mess than before the game, and he sent an email to the organization detailing what happened after his obstacle race in Melbourne
But he didn\'t respond, instead, he was angry to see the hard mess on Australia\'s Facebook page, sharing a post that revealed the shock treatment barrier in April.
\"Don\'t believe this fake news.
Yes, the electric shock treatment package is 10,000 v.
No, it\'s not ice.
\"The cold bubble will not ease immediately,\" the Post wrote . \".
After Dawkins told them what happened to him, Facebook\'s post tough Australia shared that.
Source: Channel 10 \"thinks it feels personal just like they just ignored me.
For the first time since I was injured, I felt angry throughout my recovery, \"a tearful Mr. Dawkins told Wilkinson.
\"Wow, it\'s a very low action, I guess, and I can\'t help but feel like they were covering it up on purpose.
In a statement to the project, Togh Mudder said that all obstacles will be constantly reviewed in accordance with strict safety standards.
\"Before we get the results of the survey, we have removed the obstacles on the way forward,\" said Togh Mudder . \". News. com.
The AU also reached out to Tough Mudder for comment.
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