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Massive street water slide planned for Launceston

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-17
Launceston may be the first city in Australia to turn its streets into water.Headquartered in the charity operations center.An event group obtained a road closure permit from the Launceston City Council as part of its 300-kilometer planThe Street from George to Wellington has a meter-long water slide.
The Elizabeth Street event is scheduled for next week, with dates scheduled for January or next February.If approved, the water slide will be part of the fundRaise funds for the canteen and hope to operate in Devonport and Hobart.Learn that the Launceston round will sell about 6000 tickets with a target of about $12,000 per event.
Vanessa Cahoon, chief executive of CityProm, said the group has consulted businesses in the region.\"We are working with the organizers to help promote it,\" MS Cahoon said .\".\\ \"It\'s great to see different activities in this city.
\"We often see many events with the same theme and it\'s great to see something different that will appeal to young people and bring young families back to the city and teens.Robert dobritzski, general manager of Launceston, said the event could be a \"real sensation \".\"A mix of new events, as well as traditional favorites such as the festival and the council\'s own pop music, was mixed in the park project, and Mr summer rankski said: \"Summer will be an exciting summer in Launceston.
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