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Middle East’s Most Epic Water Park

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-25
Water park in Dubai?You \'d better pay attention because this is for you.Wild Wadi Water Park is a state-of-the-Art Waterpark is perfectly located in the shadow of the elegant sailing-shaped Burj Al Arab hotel.It sounds absolutely incredible, but only for fun couples.
However, it may be necessary to know before we give you real meat. now just click on a button on itickets to book a water theme park tour online.● A total of 2.Spectacular 7-minute cooperation● From relaxing floats to high-speed stimulating slides, more than 30 rides and attractions for all ages.
Note that most rides are interrelated, so you don\'t have to worry about jumping out of the water and waiting in line for another ride/slide/attraction.● The most popular and exciting journey in the park is Jumeirah, 105 feet (32 m) in height ).Just climb the tower and wait for the automatic countdown, at zero point, the trap door will open and you will rush down at nearly 400 feet at a speed of up to 80 km km/h.
Increased excitement.
● Wipeout & riptide is the perfect place to test your water shooting skills at a speed of 7 tons per second, resulting in powerful fast waves.● The park also provides more gentle rides for young children and those who do not pursue speed stimulation.Just sit on the inflatable pipe and enjoy a peaceful cruise (Juha\'s Journey) on the 1,200 feet (360) lazy river ).
Play areas with over 100 events, including but not limited to slides, dump barrels, and water guns.● Last but not least, you can get out of the water, join the excited crowd and enjoy the sound, light and water arranged near the entrance to the park.As lightning and thunder hit in the 7-minute display, it was constantly creating flooding throughout the day, with water up to 60,000 tons (53,571) falling from the cliff.
● This is the first water park in Dubai to integrate all kinds of fun.● Adventure theme around Juha with up to 30 rides and attractions-Go to the beach, a lazy river and enjoy the incredible views of the stunning Burj Al Arab, you will get the perfect combination.● If you stay at Jumeirah Beach Hotel, you may be lucky to use the Wild Wadi Water Park for free.
● You can rent a locker in the park and you will get a wristband to operate it.Here you can keep towels and personal belongings when you enjoy the rides and slides.● Pre-installed wristbands in cash to cover the cost of drinks, souvenirs and snacks and avoid traveling to and from lockers.
● Use the interactive home game area-and young ones.Spend hours here with Juha and his amazing carpet surf friends● Most water parks have a lazy river but do not include Wild Wadi with two lazy rivers-● All entry and exit points have lifeguards to help you get on the floating ring, you can choose to float alone in a separate float or float in a double float with someone, enjoy the incredible beautiful scenery around.● Remember to enjoy the largest wave pool in the Middle East.
● Give priority to the world\'s only Burj Khalifa slide with two bowls.● Have never been on a water roller coaster before?Set foot on the main blasting device that extends 360 from the bottom of the park and quickly launch a 15-meter rocket from Whitewater Wadi or flood river flyers.● Hungry after thrilling stimulation?There are three restaurants to choose from in the park, and there are a variety of food snacks such as hot snacks on the 2 snack stalls.
There are local foods such as dogs, pizza, hamburgers, healthy food, etc.Wild Wadi Water Park offers a great way to cool down as you can immerse yourself in a variety of water slides that will make you happy and leave traces of memory in the coming days
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