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mini wacky waving inflatable tube man

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-12
I want to fix a bunch of old hair dryers I found at the Cairo scrap market and use it better.
So I made a weird guy who was waving inflatable tubes.
If you want to do one yourself
Of course you should.
Here\'s how to get a lil wacky man waving an inflatable pipe.
This tutorial is based on fixing and reusing things that already have to be built, and the video comes with more details.
But you can skip all the fixed steps and just assemble the new parts!
Disclaimer: I\'m not an engineer and I don\'t know what I\'m doing when I\'m doing this, so this may not be the complete and correct guide for some people.
But on the good side, if I can do that then anyone can do it!
Also I will share all the mistakes I made so you can avoid them!
First, we need to fix the adapter (
Fix if needed).
This special wire has just loose two main lines and is no longer attached to the pins so I just changed one with longer wires and then re-soldered them (
White wire in the picture, ignore the zipper around it! ).
Most of the time it is just a loose wire inside, but you may find a damaged capacitor and you will find that it is a little inflated at the top, disconnect the adapter first, discharge the capacitor by touching the top with a metal object (
With plastic handle)
, If it doesn\'t work, you can take it off the board and test it and replace it.
To test the entire adapter, connect the end of the adapter to the multimeter with a dotted white line on the negative line, and the positive line is the other end.
Connect the negative pole to the Black probe, connect the positive pole to the Red probe, and then check the DC voltage of the adapter, which should read more than 12 volts.
Since a lot of the ones I opened before didn\'t have the screws and just stuck together, I broke my screws to open it, but this one was hidden under the sticker!
So make sure to check before you split it in half like I did!
There are two main heating elements in the hair dryer (
Missing coil in picture)
And blower fan running using 12v DC motor.
In order to supply the fan at the time of insertion, first use the power supply to heat the coil, then operate the fan, in this way, the heating element acts as a resistor, the voltage is reduced to 12 V, the 4 diodes connected to the motor transfer the current from AC to DC.
So in order to use the fan in our lil project, we need to remove 4 diodes and any connected wires.
Put the wires aside and we can re-use them later to connect the switches and adapters.
Some motors are rusty and greasy.
Remove the fan blade, open the motor by flicking up the small label in the metal housing, lift the plastic cover of the motor and remove the rotor coil.
Why does the motor stop working?
Since I have so many Motors, I simply cleaned up some of the broken parts mixed and matched from other motors and made several working motors.
You can find tutorials on how to back down or rethink on youtube
Weld the coil, or how to add an extension to the brush if the brush is broken.
To clean the motor parts, spray some electronic cleaning agents inside the parts, be generous and clean with a cotton swab to ensure that you do not cause any damage to the coil itself when cleaning the coil.
To test if the motor works, simply connect the end of the adapter to the motor label and check if it works!
The motor will mark the positive label on the plastic cover.
I tried to place the fan with several plastic containers and boxes, but none of them guided the air to blow the plastic pipe at the same power.
So I ended up using the hair dryer body and I thought it would look colder!
I cut the nozzle a bit and cut a part of the handle because it was not needed.
You can do this using rotating tools like dremel or hand saw.
Or you can use the whole hair dryer as you like!
I made the base with some scrap wood and put the hair dryer part inside.
I made it into an open box, so I removed both faces and let the air in and showed the hairdryer, you can use a full box if you want to hide the hairdryer completely, just make sure to drill an opening and let the fan into the air.
Make sure there is some space around the hair dryer section so that it does not touch any sides to reduce the noise caused by vibration.
You can also add some padding if you want.
I cut 4 equal pieces (
The measurement will depend to a large extent on the size of your hairdryer).
I decided to screw them together so I added an extra depth measurement to each piece of wood. One side (the top)
The air will have a large opening and the other will have a slot for the switch.
About 2-cut a small piece of PVC pipe
The length is 3 cm and this piece should be placed on the top of the box and in the drill hole.
We will tie the plastic pipe to the other end.
The diameter of this piece will depend on the diameter of your plastic bag Tube, because we are on the tape, so it may be a little smaller, so it is not necessarily the exact same size.
I drilled an opening with the same diameter as my pvc block, but not all the time, which allowed the pvc block to have a little bit of base, and on the other hand I drilled an opening with the same shape as the hairdryer nozzle.
It looks like it\'s just a circular opening, but there are actually two different holes on both sides.
Later, after assembling all the parts, I also fixed the hair dryer at the opening with a glue gun, so that it can fix the hair dryer in the appropriate position and seal any open part, this allows the air to flow directly into the tube.
I drilled an indent to keep the switch behind (or side)
Then I drilled two holes and the wires would go from the hairdryer to the switch.
This makes no visible wire display.
There was a metal ball inside that particular switch and it wasn\'t in the right place, I took it apart, put it back in place and cleaned it up as well and it worked fine.
I mark the inside of the plastic bag tube with Posca because it is not fully glued to the plastic, so this is not the best option, it still wears out when the tube is bent, but this is my best choice right now.
Using things that stick to the plastic will not form a thick layer, otherwise the tube may not be able to move.
If you try to power the fan and the tube does not move properly, try to make the tube shorter.
I tried to paint the plastic bag but it didn\'t stick together and after some research I found that there was only one type of paint called \"krylon\" that could stick to the plastic.
You can also use the copic marker in the spray gun attachment.
Or just color it with the copic tag!
Painting with acrylic creates a thick layer that doesn\'t let the tube move, it doesn\'t stick to the plastic either, and if you paint in it like I do, it actually sticks together.
I cut some \"hair\" and drew a face on the tube.
I also added some arms that I colored and glued together.
Next time I will try using soldering iron to melt the plastic instead of using tape.
I went in a lazy way, screwed all the parts together, and I drilled holes first before putting the screws in.
Tie the plastic pipe to the connector and insert it, you don\'t need to glue this part in.
However, I stuck a hairdryer nozzle on the top. And voila!
A mini quirky man waving inflatable dance tubes!
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