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modern parks take child\'s play seriously : recreation: the urban gyms of the \'90s act as havens for families and as places where children can learn.

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At first there was a metal swing, spinninggo-
See you on wheels and wood-
A saw that slammed on the ground. In the back-to-
Nature is in its 1960 s and 70 s, the children\'s playground is replaced with pine trees or poles, and the swing is made of recycled tires.
In our 80 s, we learned that some gaming devices can be harmful to the health of our children.
Enter the post-90 s urban jungle gym.
The new playground is more than just a place to build sandcastles, it can also include exotic mazes, huge covered slides, castles, obstacle classes and hundreds of hidden, looking, stretching places-and learn. It\'s bigger--
Hundreds of kids can play there with extra space-
The designer hopes this will be better for the children.
The slogan is safe, but the basic idea is the absolute game.
Our goal is still to challenge young people, but to have creative, high-quality designs, not dangerous forms.
Children growing up in urban settings-
Today, as the birth rate rises to its highest level since the end of the post-war baby boom in 1964, this is growing ---
Play in a different world
Spaces designed for kids to release steam, stretch muscles and learn social skills are not only in the grass park, but also become familiar attractions during the day
Former Nursing Centervacant inner-
Fast city lot and side
Food restaurant.
In some communities, they may be a rare paradise for family interaction.
As for schools, public parks and communities, traditional sponsors of the children\'s playground are actively competing and investing money in the latest designs.
\"In our society, we have eliminated a lot of places that children have played through development and security issues,\" creator of Moore Iacofano Goltsman Berkeley Design co-partner Susan GE gaming environment.
\"You can\'t go out in the city area and can\'t find open spaces, canyons and places to build clubs.
This is what the kids are doing on the playground right now, though a bit artificial.
\"Playground design is developing due to several important trends.
Part of the problem is development. -
Every year more trees are cut down and more creeks are laid.
One of the more disturbing problems is the children injured when using playground equipment.
The Consumer Product Safety Board is working on hazards in the playground and manufacturers have begun to develop safer and more resilient surface treatment materials.
In order to develop a new generation of game structures, designers and early childhood educators have teamed up to create outdoor learning areas that, as always, focus on indoor space.
There may be fountains on the new playground, wooden cars with wheels, real trees to climb, places to play specifically for parents or toddlers looking after benches --
Services and accessibility facilities for persons with disabilities.
\"I call my playground The \'Imagine station\',\" says Robert lathers, an architect based in Ithaca, New York. Y.
Who has designed more than 650 playgrounds for communities across the country.
Leather and pint have great credibility. size set.
He used to be a guest on \"Sesame Street\" and \"Mr. Rogers\'s neighbor\", and in 1984 he created a play area for the giant pandas at the Washington National Zoo.
His playground is known for fantasy elements such as towers, castles, rocket ships and exquisite mazes.
The leather company\'s most ambitious project is the one-acre Rocky River Discovery Park at the Rockford Discovery Center museum in the United States, and one of the country\'s largest amusement parks.
Located 90 miles west of Chicago, the park is raised by the community for $150,000, volunteers work more than 20,000 hours and donated materials worth more than $100,000, according to museum curator Sarah Wolfe.
It offers many innovations in recent playground design and adds a hands-on
Popular scientific methods in children\'s museums. This playgroundcum-
The science park can accommodate 300 people at a time.
From caves with stalactites and stalactites to weather stations to archaeological excavations, there are 140 settings and structures to explore.
\"Children and parents are looking forward to more things on the playground,\" said the leather teacher . \".
\"It\'s not enough to have a place where children shed tears and release their energy.
Now, where parents expect their children to really learn.
\"According to playground equipment designers, landscape architects, city and school officials, and educators, the playground should be a safe haven for the neighborhood in the city or easily accessible in the following cases
Schools and weekends are frequent in the suburbs.
The challenge for designers is to design innovative, safe products.
The first design to attract children.
The challenge for the community is how to pay for the construction and maintenance of new facilities.
Frances varach in Manhattan said: \"One of the main problems after the 90 s is that most of our playgrounds are out of date
Independent consultant in parks and amusement parks.
\"They no longer meet any safety guidelines.
\"Until after World War II, the playground in the United States was basically an extension of school sports, where children used climbing structures or doing chin exercisesups.
Over the next few decades, as American families move to urban centers, child educators begin to work with architects and designers to develop more creative outdoor learning centers. Today\'s state-of-the-
Art design is usually a product of a team of architects, landscape designers and major manufacturers of playground equipment.
\"You can\'t just put a game structure in the middle of a pile of wood debris,\" said Rachel Davis, an architect at the Park Department of the National Capital Park and Planning Commission, Maryland.
\"You have to provide more.
Davis and her colleagues, including landscape designer Heidi Sussman, watched 2-year-
The old $200,000 action playground of the John Regional Park Lodge becomes a mecca for children in all jurisdictions.
The cottage John, designed by Susman, is not a separate game structure, but is situated in a wooded canyon with a huge, towel-like tree house, it is a maze of rope-climbing bridges and ladders.
With the increase of children with two working parents, the demand for playground is further expanded.
One of the biggest growth areas for playground equipment manufacturers is nursery, kindergarten and day educationcare centers.
1995, mother of two children
Thirty of all children aged 5 and under-3-
According to the Urban Research Institute, four out of all children aged 5 to 13 will become labor force.
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