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more than 200 people are set on fire at taiwan water park after coloured powder sprayed onto crowd ignites during show

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-03
Today, an explosion in a water park in Taiwan caused a fireball to tear a large group of people and more than 200 people were ignited.
The colored powder sprayed on hundreds of people suddenly ignited, and when people tried to escape, the flame engulfed them.
The shocking accident video shows the chaotic scene in which the victim tried to escape the flames while screaming in pain.
More than 200 people were taken to hospital after the fire and 80 were seriously injured.
Miraculously, no deaths have been reported so far.
It is believed that when powder is sprayed on the crowd as part of the color party, there are 1,000 people in the amusement park
A festival of dance and music where people cover themselves with bright paint.
A video taken in the park shows hundreds of people dancing as the music rings.
However, when the powder sprayed over the crowd, the joy of the crowd suddenly turned into a horrible scream.
It took only a few seconds for the fire to spread to the carnival crowd, and dozens of people escaped from the huge fire.
As the music and lights continue to play, you can see friends trying to escape and tripping over each other.
Rescuers and bystanders carry the burned and injured on their backs, inflatable devices and stretchers for treatment.
A male witness told the local news channel CTI: \"start from the left side of the stage.
I thought it was part of the party special effects at first, but then I realized there was a problem and people started screaming and running.
The fire department in Xinbei city said 205 people were injured and 81 were severely burned.
Some people\'s bodies have been burned over.
A spokesman said our initial understanding was the explosion and the fire. . .
It\'s caused by powder spray.
This may be due to the fact that the lights on the stage are too hot.
According to local reports, the fire in the Formosa Mosa water park near the Taiwan capital was quickly controlled.
Zhu eric Wen, mayor of Xinbei City, said that we are sad and sorry for the accident.
\"I have ordered the park to be closed immediately and under strict investigation.
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