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more than 500 injured as fire hits taiwan water park party

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-02
Authorities said on Sunday that at a party in Taiwan\'s water park on Saturday night, a fire on the music scene spread to a crowd of spectators, injuring more than 500 people, eight of whom were seriously injured.
Fire authorities and local media say the fire was triggered by an accidental explosion of colored drama powder thrown from the stage in front of about 1,000 people.
1 powder-
Wang Weisheng, who contacted the fire department command center in Xinbei City, said that an activity called \"color Asia\" was ignited along the ground, mainly burning people\'s lower body.
According to Taiwan\'s Central News Agency, witnesses said that the fire at the Formosa Mosha water park in Xinbei city spread rapidly after the powder was blown into the air.
Maizhi, Taiwan
On Sunday, Guo announced a ban on parties using flammable colored powders.
It is reported that as of about 11 years, a total of 516 people were burned. m.
Sunday, Wang said.
The official number of injuries has increased from 200 at midnight to 300 now, as some have gone to the hospital on their own.
Eight people have lives.
Taiwan\'s Central News Agency reported possible injuries.
The victims included four mainland Chinese and two foreigners. An 18-year-
The old man from Taiwan was burned on 90% of her body.
The Central News Agency said police were questioning two park workers who fired powder and party militants.
The organizers of the scene and two technicians.
The report says they may face charges of causing serious injuries and professional negligence that harms the public.
The exact cause of the fire is still under investigation.
The video shows rescuers and bystanders carrying people who have been burned and injured on board inflatable boats and stretchers for treatment. (
Photo: AP and Reuters)
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