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most water parks ‘illegal’

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-02
One of the biggest water amusement parks in Delhi --
The driver is the favorite of the children. In fact, it is illegal.
According to senior government officials, none of the parks were licensed.
Not only that, most of them mine gallons of groundwater without any permit.
The issue recently appeared at a meeting of the Standing Committee of norderry Municipal Corporation, where members expressed concern about unauthorized incidents at farmhouses, resorts and motels.
On the issue of opposition leader Mukesh Geer on GT water park
Chief engineer Canal Road (Headquarters)
Amusement parks with water rides are \"not allowed at all\", he said \".
\"How do these facilities work if water parks are not allowed?
They illegally extracted groundwater while driving, and did not check health standards . \"Goel.
Although these amusement parks have been in operation for many years, it is not until now that action is taken on illegal drilling wells that extract hundreds of gallons of water from there every day.
\"In June 9, we sealed all five wells in an amusement park.
The other is sealed in the Park of Peera Garhi, \"North said.
Deputy Commissioner of Sidley, Sanjay Goel
Many other parks are taking water from hidden holes. South-
Angul Garg, New Delhi, said a special committee, including officials from DJB and the Central Groundwater Authority (CGWA)
It has been established to investigate the matter.
However, DCs acknowledged that inspections were affected due to a serious shortage of staff.
\"Tehsildar has to do this check, but they are busy with a lot of other work.
In many cases, the SDMs must be checked.
We have to have a team of technicians who can check the illegal land on a regular basis --
Mr. Goel said: \"water extraction.
CGWA also claims that most of these parks do not have a license, but are not registered.
\"CGWA no longer deals with such cases. In 1998-
99, we have issued the registration of borewells to several applicants.
Mainly for agricultural purposes.
\"Most of them must have expired,\" said a senior official at CGWB . \".
In the case of a rapid drop in the groundwater level, this is not good news.
\"In Delhi, the water level of more than 1,484 square kilometers has dropped by 2 to 20 metres.
\"If this situation is not corrected as soon as possible, we are now actually considering a potentially huge water crisis,\" said an official at CGWB . \".
The city needs more than 3. 324 billion liters of water per day (MLD)
, Although it gets just over 2,000 MLD.
Average water consumption in Delhi is estimated at 240 litres per person per day (lpcd)
Is the highest in the country.
CGWB also restricted illegal drilling in the NCR area.
District Magistrate of NoidaP.
\"An inspection of the water park has been ordered,\" Singh said.
If any violation is found, we will take action.
He said that amusement parks with water rides paid entertainment taxes to the state government and obtained relevant permits from the Noida administration and the Ministry of Environment.
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