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mother of boy (5) who drowned at water park says he \'hated water\' so she didn\'t bring armbands, court hears

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-01
A five-year-old womanyear-
The old son drowned in a water park and told a family court judge that she was confident the young man would not enter the lagoon because of \"hate water.
In July 2016, Charlie Dunn died after visiting the Bosworth Water Park at the Bosworth market in Leicester.
His stepfather, Paul Smith from Tamworth, Stafford County, for 7-and-a-
On December, the crown court of Birmingham pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of gross negligence.
The prosecutor called Charlie\'s mother, Linsey Dunn, a \"limited intellectual\" who got eight
After admitting to ignoring him in another incident, he was suspended.
In Judge Grenville Perry\'s ruling, there was more evidence about Charlie\'s death, and he analyzed the incident in a separate family court action.
The council social services boss, who is in charge of the welfare of other children in the family, asked Judge Perry to make a factual investigation into Charlie\'s death.
Judge Perry oversees a private hearing at a family court in Stoke. on-Trent.
The judge outlined the evidence and his analysis of the issue in a written ruling published on the legal website.
He allowed Charlie, Smith, and Dunn to be named in media coverage of the ruling.
Judge Perry said Charlie\'s mother told him that the young man would not go to the lake because he \"hated the water.
\"There was an armband at home, but she decided not to bring it because she knew (Charlie)
\"I don\'t want to go into the water,\" the judge said . \".
\"They went into the water shortly after they arrived.
\"She knew there was no lifeguard. \"(Charlie)
Wearing his mini shorts and T-shirts.
Shirt with Toy Story Woody photo.
The mother insisted (Charlie)
It was only because he hated the water that he went to his ankle and, in fact, he even had to be led into the water by her hand.
He added: \"She was shocked to hear that he was in the water.
\"She couldn\'t imagine him going into the water himself.
\"She wanted to know if he was chased or pushed by two boys, and she heard that the two boys were pulling their children in the water.
\"However, there is no evidence before me to support this assumption.
The judge went on to say: \"In some ways, I am sad to hear the mother\'s evidence about the day of the water park.
\"What is puzzling is that although she knows (they)
Will be in a water park with three large areas of water and (Charlie)could not swim.
\"She doesn\'t understand that five-year-olds can\'t always do what they say.
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