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mp calls for bouncy castle ban after child\'s death

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-06
A member of parliament called for a temporary ban on inflatable castles in public areas after the death of a girl in Norfolk.
The unnamed little girl was thrown 20 feet in the air from the castle on golerston Beach on Sunday morning.
She died of injury at the hospital.
Robert haffin, Conservative MP for Essex Harlow-where seven-year-
Old Summer Grant was blown away by an inflatable castle from his berth in 2016.
It is hoped that politicians will consider a temporary ban.
He said on Twitter: \"After two terrible tragedies, the government needs to pay attention to the update of regulations and inspection systems and consider temporarily banning inflatable castles in public areas, until we are sure they are safe.
\"Mr. Halfon has written to the Speaker of the House of Commons asking for urgent questions on the matter on Monday.
Sarah Arad at the scene said that when the inflatable castle \"exploded\" and pushed a 20-foot girl into the air, she heard a loud noise.
Prior to the arrival of the medical staff, a lifeguard did about 15 minutes of CPR at the scene, she said.
Two inflators have been installed and the beach is particularly busy with temperatures exceeding 21C on weekends.
\"A lot of people don\'t know what\'s going on,\" Allard MS . \".
\"Very terrible and sad.
\"According to Sky News reporter Joe Tidy, a trench coat was placed around the girl and medical staff were trying to save her, and Joe Tidy was at the scene this afternoon.
Ambulance services in eastern England say they have received more than a dozen phone calls about the incident.
\"Several of our teams were dispatched and the first one arrived at the scene in four minutes,\" they said in a statement . \".
\"Young women were seriously injured when we arrived, their heartbeats stopped, and were taken to James Paget Hospital.
Sadly, she was declared dead despite all the effort and intervention.
The norfolk County police were called to the lower square of gorston at about 11: 00.
At fifteen o\'clock A. M. , it was said that the health and safety department, local authorities and the police had conducted a joint investigation into the incident.
\"While continuing the investigation, the police have set up a cordon at the scene.
A statement said.
Five, two playground workers were found guilty after seven manslaughteryear-
When the inflatable castle she was playing was blowing in the wind, the little girl was killed.
On March 2016, Summer Grant from Norwich was seriously injured when he was sent to \"cartwheeling\" 300 yards on a hill in Essex Harlow.
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