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mummy and daddy daycare\'s favourite playgrounds in singapore

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-19
If you are a parent like us, you may be looking for interesting ways to get your child exhausted during the day (
Especially weekends for working parents)
I hope they can have a good night\'s sleep.
Although there are many children\'s games gyms in the mall, some of them can be very expensive and we don\'t like to visit every week.
The free playground is the best, right?
In this week\'s blog, we chose a few children\'s playgrounds to show based on where we often go and suggestions from some good friends.
Although there are more people on the island, our children have a lot of fun in these places.
Dry playground (indoor)
Two of our favorite indoor dry playgrounds are located in the square of the mall and Paragon.
In those malls, all the kids.
The related shops are concentrated around the playground, which makes it easier to shop.
The playground is located on the third floor in the plaza.
Although the flank of the playground is small, our 15-month-old (
We got him a nickname.
Prefer to take a vehicle on the main playground, as well as coins-operated rides.
There are a few children.
Related stores include mother care, children\'s palace, maternal exchange, local tyrants clothing around the online baby and playground.
The playground is located on the 5th floor in Paragon.
It has some flexible journey
And some rock climbing tunnels and slides.
One drawback we have heard is that due to a children\'s clinic nearby, it is possible for sick children to play on the playground.
However, our fouryear-
The old has played here a few times and never got sick after that, so we hope this is just a rumor.
Like Marina Square, all the kids
The related stores are at the same level, which makes shopping very convenient and the Toy \"R\" Us is just a level.
Dry playground (outdoor)
We often go to the City Square shopping center, where there is an outdoor playground with environmental protection facilities.
Friendly wooden equipment certified by the Forest Management Committee (FSC).
The game area has a large swing and a large spinning roundabout that children like, but one drawback is that the whole playground is not sheltered, so it will get sultry on hot days.
However, if you go to the mall in a cool afternoon or evening, it is definitely worth a visit.
As recommended by friends, West Coast Park has a lovely playground with sand and several rides suitable for children of all ages.
Pasir Ris Park also has similar facilities, so the picnic is pleasant because there are shelters where picnic mats can be placed.
The two parks may not be as crowded as the East Coast Park.
Our two favorite Wet playgrounds and dry playgrounds are located in VivoCity and Waterway Point, respectively. Our 15-month-
Old has a strong interest in the fountain, and about a month ago it was VivoCity\'s fountain that encouraged him to take the first step without help. Our four-year-old (
We gave him the nickname for the pot.
Like to go up and down the mountains and slides, there are also climbing structures suitable for children over the age of 12.
If you don\'t mind spending some money, there are also motor vehicles for rent.
At the Waterway Point, level 2 has an indoor playground, which is comparable to the baby area in the children\'s surprise area of Safra paypayoh, with several similar structures.
Kwazii likes to walk between all the buildings and climb up and down the stairs.
The same level of Outdoor is a wet and dry playground suitable for children under the age of 12.
This is one of our favorite playgrounds because the large overhead structure provides some shade, so it is possible for children to play outdoors even in hot weather.
There are slides, tunnel slides, trampoline, climbing structures with different difficulty, and even hammocks for children.
The small water play area is also lovely, but sometimes, children playing in wet areas run to dry places and make the dry game structure wet as well.
When we often go to Nex shopping center in shilonggang, we never take our children to the water park on the 4th floor. Mainly because there is no shelter and cool when playing at night-usually when we go home to sleep.
But recently the playground is back.
It opened in April 2017 after the renovation and looked attractive-when we went to see it, both of our children were in a hurry to come in.
Although we think that outdoor games are important for children, we do not work very hard to take children outdoors often and usually end up in shopping malls.
However, seeing that our children really enjoyed the play area we visited, we were determined not to let them miss out on the outdoor activities and planned to visit two outdoor play areas in the coming weeks: the Far East Organization children\'s garden in the Bay garden, there is also the Jacob Ballas children\'s playground in the botanical garden, and our friends are full of praise for it.
So, if you want to find a place for your kids to have fun, be sure to check out one of these playgrounds!
The mom and dad daycare center is a pseudonym for a Singaporean couple who raise two little boys aged four and one year old, nicknamed Barnacles and Kwazii in the children\'s Pentecost series.
Get into the couple\'s mind and they describe parenting as a lifetime adventure-you\'re always learning new things!
Who says parenting is a walk in the park?
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