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‘my daughter is in that’: little girl killed after jumping castle smashes into a tree

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-06
Seven-year-old Xia Grant died when an inflatable castle she was playing was blown to the sky of more than 135.
Picture: FacebookSource: FacebookA\'s crazy dad screamed \"My daughter is inside\" while chasing an inflatable castle, which was blown away and killedyear-
The court heard the old daughter inside.
According to The Sun, Grant died in a park in Essex Harlow in the summer after several injuries.
Before the final break, the attraction was blown 300 on a hill and hit a tree with the young man in it.
Chelmsford Crown Court was told that her father, Lee Grant, heard the summer scream and chased the inflatable castle as it began to \"spin\" in the air.
Crazy Dad tried to pull it to the ground as it blew out of the air at the Thursday fun fair on Easter Saturday and Storm Katie rushed in.
But the court heard that Lee\'s action was too fast to catch it and died of injuries in the summer after being rushed to hospital.
Seven-year-old Xia Grant died when an inflatable castle she was playing was blown to the sky of more than 135.
Picture: FacebookSource: William Thurston, a 29-year-old FacebookFairground worker, and Shelby Thurston, 26-year-old wife, both deny manslaughter and health and safety.
Sue QC Tracy Ayling said: \"[Lee]
Turn around and see that the dome inflatable has risen into the air, and it seems to have hit a caravan before flipping over.
\"He said my daughter was in there.
Ms. Aylin said William Thurston was one of the people chasing the inflatable castle because the castle exploded and when he went to help with the summer it looked like \"She was seriously injured and had difficulty breathing \".
The prosecutor continued: \"The Crown\'s case is that they failed to ensure that the inflatable castle, known as the circus Super Dome inflatable, violated their duty of care for the Summer Grant, fully anchored on the ground and failed to monitor weather conditions to ensure safe use.
The jumping castle (not pictured)
Flying over the park, a hill was blown down and hit a tree.
Source: istockHealth and safety guidelines stipulate that inflatable devices should not be used at wind speeds above 19 km/h
But on the day of summer\'s death, the wind speed has reached 35 to 40 km/h.
The couple \"planned\" to put the inflatable down but decided to leave the summer for a few more minutes.
Mrs. Thurston told police: \"Then there was a gust, like an abnormal tornado --
The huge gust that suddenly came out
\"The court heard that the inflatable dome was connected to the ground by 15 anchor points --
Each includes a metal D ring.
When the dome is purchased, the stakes follow.
Ayling MS talked about inflation and formal inspection.
\"The most serious shortage is the shortage of round anchor points,\" she said.
\"This means that even if all of these devices are fixed on the ground, the inflator can still blow away.
\"She told the court that after her death in the summer, a health and safety inspection of the dome found that the dome outlet was marked incorrectly and that the inflatable blower was not meant to be connected to the dome area.
The parents lived in Norwich in the summer, and they paid tribute to their daughter at the time.
Her mother, Carla Black, said summer was a \"smart, beautiful, and lovely little girl\" whose father called her \"the happiest, polite and beautiful girl in the world \".
The trial continues.
The story first appeared in The Sun and was allowed to be re-published here.
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