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n.j. town\'s water park boasts family-friendly spot to beat the heat (photos)

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-15
East Brunswick-
Crystal Springs family Water Center in East Brunswick is a place for guests such as Tony mashculi in Brooklyn, and the temperature will reach 90 degrees on Friday.
\"This is a good place to spend the day;
It\'s quiet and not crowded . \"
\"We will definitely be back.
\"According to John Roche, water park manager, Crystal Springs is the first open municipal water park in New Jersey.
Facilities include swimming pool, children\'s swimming pool, leisure swimming pool, activity swimming pool, splash pad, water slide and lazy river.
Since its opening in 1994, the park has become a popular place for summer entertainment.
We are a family.
Friendly facilities, \"said Roche.
\"You can bring your own food, barbecue and stay here all day.
\"Information on prices and other details can be found on the park\'s website.
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