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nearly 500 burned in taiwan as fire erupts in water park

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-05-31
An explosion at Taiwan\'s water park on Saturday night injured nearly 500 people.
NPR\'s Frank Langfitt reports from Shanghai that the fire started at a rap show in the new North City evening, he told our news unit.
The accident on the Formosa Fun Coast was captured via mobile video.
\"At some point, the green powder is fired from the stage to the audience,\" Frank said . \".
The powder ignited quickly and surrounded the fan.
Some people were swaying around in the fire, while others fell to the ground.
Many people attending the concert are wearing swimsuits and T-shirts. shirts;
According to fire officials, the victim suffered burns in his lower body.
More than 180 people are in intensive care units, AP reported.
The wire service continues: The water park is closed and the fire is under investigation.
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