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new aqua park is largest in ireland

by:KK INFLATABLE      2020-06-07
Ireland\'s largest water park is officially opened in Las Rumm.
The new water attraction \"splash Valley\" is part of Hidden Valley Holiday Park, located on a lake made by one person with more than 30 inflatable obstacles for visitors to conquer.
By leading the funding of the project, the new park becomes possible, which provides grant assistance to local small businesses, as Aonghus O\'Briain, activity manager, calls it the \"soft opening\" of the bank\'s holiday weekend\"
The first weekend was great, says Aonghus.
The weather is a little colder than planned, but there is nothing we can do about it.
We wanted a soft opening but everything went as planned.
Aonghus confirmed that the park will be open on Saturday, the weekend of June and the day of July for the entire five months, and he said that over two days, more than 200 people participated in the first place.
Aonghus said it was a good sign that people had a good time and many of them said they planned to come back.
While the focus is on the fun of the park, Aonghus confirmed that people in the Park attach great importance to the safety of tourists.
Visitors can get helmets and diving suits included in the price.
We have fully trained lecturers and staff on site at any time. \' he said.
Standard adult tickets start at € 20 but accept group and family bookings.
In addition, the park welcomes school visits, scouts, youth groups, business outings and birthday parties.
All types of groups can rent the entire water park privately.
Can only be booked online.
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